You designed your dream backyard. The pool, the landscaping, the patio. So lot effort, and also so precious it. It"s a beautiful thing.

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Except girlfriend didn"t architecture the aggressive balloon shooting out of the returns on the pool walls. So what"s up through that?

Why space you getting air bubbles in her swimming pool?

This is a usual problem, specifically when you"re very first opening your swimming pool for the season.

A couple of bubbles in the pool or the pump is normal, yet noisy churning and also lots that bubbles show that you have actually a problem.


Quick recap!

Your pump/filter system works prefer this.

Your pump traction the swimming pool water native the skimmer(s) top top the pool wall and the main drain(s) on the swimming pool floor.

This water access time the first part the the pump, a tiny sorta filter called the strainer pot. It catches any major debris right away.

After the water goes through the strainer pot, one impeller (spinny thing!) in the pump pushes the on to the filter.

Whether you have a sand, cartridge, or D.E. Filter, the water goes through it to remove dirt, debris, and also (if the filter is good) bacteria.

After the water is filtered, that flows with the pipes to the heater/chiller (if you have actually one) and then the salt chlorine generator (if you have one).

The clean water return to the pool v the aptly called return jets ~ above the swimming pool walls.

Okay, so just how does that translate to this issue?

Air bubbles in her pool mean that air is gift sucked into the heat on the suction side of the pump.

When you first open her pool, you"re placing a many things back together in the filter system. Ripe times out of ten, the worry isn"t in the underground plumbing, however in her aboveground equipment.

(And aboveground concerns are often less complicated to fix due to the fact that you don"t need to dig something up! Yay!)

Here at river Pools, we specialize in fiberglass pools. Which is cool! but we aren"t just right here to manufacture and install. We"re right here to make your life easier, v every component of the pool journey, also if girlfriend don"t buy from us.

And today, we"re walking to assist you troubleshoot your backyard oasis.

So fret not! We"ve acquired your back.

What space the most usual reasons for swimming pool air bubbles?

Air bubbles in her pool typical that waiting is gift sucked right into the line on the suction side of the pump. It"s likely happening because of one of these issues:

The pool water level is also lowThe strainer pot lid isn"t on chop or its O-ring is loose/absent/compromisedThe union in between the valves and also the pump isn"t tight or its O-ring is loose/absent/compromised

Good news: instead of an O-ring is a DIY resolve that prices less 보다 $50!

1. Is your water level correct?


First, examine how high the water is—specifically, in relation to the skimmers.

If the water level is too low, the skimmer will certainly suck in air and send it come the pump/filter system.

What"s the appropriate water level because that a swim pool?

We introduce you store the water halfway to three-quarters up the skimmer.

For fiberglass pools, never drainpipe your pool. You"ll void her warranty and also may even damages the pool.

Want to know much more about suitable fiberglass swimming pool maintenance? Our substantial fiberglass swimming pool buyer"s guide covers every component of the process, indigenous the factory floor to her backyard -- with lots of tips, tricks, price estimates, and also recommendations for long-term care.

Download your fiberglass guide below:



Your pool water have to be halfway come three-quarters increase the skimmer.

2. Is your strainer lid ~ above tight?

Second, inspect the strainer pot lid.

It should be closed tight. If it"s not snug, you"ll suck air with that lid into the pump.

Check the O-ring under the lid:

Turn the swimming pool pump off.Take the lid off.Make certain the O-ring is there and in great condition.Make sure the O-ring is seated.Make sure there"s no gritor debris that could be obstructing the lid from obtaining a secure close.


Your strainer lid should have its O-ring in the suitable groove, with no damage and also no dirt or debris obstructions.

3. Is her pump/valve union on tight?


Third, inspect the union (fitting) in between the pool pump and the valves.

Now, this tiny friend is the most common culprit.

It"s wherein we take it our plumbing apart, for this reason it has a nice high chance for missteps.

Remember the O-ring native the strainer pot lid? Surprise: there"s one O-ring here too!

Check the O-ring in ~ this union:

Turn the swimming pool pump off.Remove the nut over the union.Make certain the O-ring is there and also in great condition.Make certain the O-ring is sit in its groove inside the union.Make sure there"s no gritor debris preventing the union native closing tightly.


Many times, once you"re putting the pump/filter system back together, the union"s O-ring will slip the end or autumn out the its groove. And when you litter it off its groove, negative things happen—like letting wait in.

Reminder: when you tighten your union earlier up, make certain that the flange (ridge) is flush with the earlier of the nut. If it"s not, miscellaneous is obstructing the union from totally closing.


The union between the valves and the pump should have its O-ring in the ideal groove, through no damage and no dirt or debris obstructions.

Still have actually air bubbles in your pool?

If you check all 3 of these things and still have actually air bubbles, you might have a enlarge problem—like a suction-side leak in your plumbing, which would certainly be comes from either her main drain or her skimmer line.

That"s much more than most pool owners desire to handle on your own, so call your friendly community pool professionals. They"ll it is in happy to help!

Side note: you can aid prevent pipes leaks ideal from the beginning by having your swimming pool builder use only strictly PVC pipes and also support that plumbing with A) gravel backfill and B) plumbing straps connecting the pipes come the pool shell (if you have a fiberglass pool). You can learn an ext about swimming pool installation finest practices here.

Want to learn an ext about pools?

Bubble troubleshooting isn"t every we"re an excellent at.

In our blog and our YouTube videos, we cover all the most typical questions about pools—and few of the an ext obscure questions, too.

We think in complete transparency; that"s The river Pools Way. (And so room our progressed manufacturing techniques and also our progressed installation methods. It"s a beautiful blend of values and also practices.)

At flow Pools we manufacture and install fiberglass pools throughout the country, with the help of a highly-skilled nationwide team of dealers and also installation professionals.

We"re huge proponents the fiberglass pools, obviously, back we recognize that they aren"t the finest fit for every situation. When the shapes and also sizes are less customized, most civilization can find a version that fits your needs.

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The aesthetics, longevity, and low maintenance make castle a vast win in ours book.