A "wild" Valentine"s: Sweethearts Bud DeYoung and also Carrie Cramer pose v Gus, their bonnet macaque, and Gunner, your spider monkey.JWM Productions
Never try sneaking a hippopotamus through customs.

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Bud DeYoung and fiance Carrie Cramer, who run the DeYoung household Zoo ~ above Michigan’s top Peninsula and also are the stars that ‘My Life Is A Zoo’ ~ above Nat Geo Wild, understand from experience that to run a exclusive zoo is to fill with troubles they never see coming.

You will need to see because that yourself exactly how the hippo obtained to their zoo – and what it’s choose to find emergency surgical treatment for one of their tigers – once the show runs a Valentine’s work marathon starting at 7 tonight.

“They got all reality,” said Bud, “the good, the bad and the ugly.”

“There’s no personally time at all, for this reason we need to blend running a company and shot to run a relationship and also the last lacks since we’re for this reason busy v the care for ours animals,” he says.

Their love for your animals and also for each other is pretty lot what this four-episode series is about.

“This can be the finest Valentine’s present for both of united state to sit down and enjoy the shows,” said Carrie.


In ~ above the joke: Carrie Cramer it s okay kiss indigenous a spotted hyena. (JWM Productions)


Careful! Bud DeYoung hand feeds one of the many tigers at the DeYoung household Zoo. (JWM Productions)

But even though their 2011 season doesn’t begin until April 1, because of the harsh Michigan winter, yes no insurance they will find time to sit and also watch.

“The thing around us doing the display is not around Bud and I wanting to be on TV. The not about Bud and I wanting to it is in famous. It’s about Bud and also I wanting to obtain the indigenous out about proper pet care. We want to inspire world to care and also have love because that animals,” claimed Carrie.

In fact, the attention they space receiving since the present started airing provides them both a tiny uncomfortable.

“I’ve had civilization come as much as me and say ‘Oh, you’re a renowned TV star’ and I honestly don’t think that myself together that at all,” said Bud. “I stay the same clothes I constantly wore and also I execute the exact same things that I constantly do. Every I desire to execute is boost the lives of our animals.”

Carrie claims that world from approximately the people have reached out to them around the show, and also even despite these civilization may battle with English, she to know what they’re trying to say.

“The one thing that division all those limits is animals. Anyone in the people can relate come each other through animals,” she said.

And as if their stays are no full enough with the zoo, Carrie has also started Piper’s Place, a no-kill pet rescue the houses numerous an unwanted dog, horse or donkey.

Taking treatment of the zoo and also Piper’s place is time consuming and presents financial challenges, however Bud and Carrie room committed to what castle do.

“We sacrifice what most people think the as common to put every dime the we have actually or take it in in the direction of our animals,” claimed Bud.

“We feel there’re a most things in life you have the right to live without and also as lengthy as we space doing what we love and making a positive influence with it, we feel we don’t require a most the various other things that people need,” Carrie added.

One that the most crucial things to Bud and also Carrie is educating the public, especially children, about their animals. They have several educational shows a day, and, in plenty of instances, the general public can also get increase close and also touch a infant animal.

“Our focus is top top children, they are the future the the civilization of animals,” said Bud.

“We room this tiny little zoo in the middle of nowhere Michigan, but we feel by us getting to out to the couple of people the do concerned us it’s a ripple effect, due to the fact that we expect to inspire them to want to do what’s an excellent for animals and also pass that blog post on,” included Carrie.

With new episodes quiet airing, it’s too quickly for the fledgling Nat Geo Wild to make any kind of decisions on a 2nd season of mine Life Is A Zoo, but if asked Bud and also Carrie would certainly be open up to it, especially due to the fact that they both prospered up analysis National geographical magazine.

“If this is walking to it is in a way to no only boost the stays of ours animals, yet other ones in the wild and also to reach out to people, climate we’ll do it again,” stated Carrie.

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Nat Geo Wild an elderly VP Geoff Daniels says he knows anyone is not able to take trip to Africa or walk on a safari, for this reason his fledgling channel tries to obtain them as close together possible.

“I think there’s that intrinsic very nice one that human being want to acquire closer to animals to learn an ext about them and also hopefully be influenced by the shows we’re presenting,” stated Daniels. “One that the points that I’ve frequently felt in trying to regimen the network is I want to do good TV that likewise has a opportunity of act some real world good and ns think the these kinds of mirrors sort of heat up right into that category.”