Twenty years later, Cynthia Bergstrom shares part throwback behind-the-scenes funny facts (and her sketches!).

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in a standard Buffy look. Photo: © 1997-2003 twentieth Century Fox film Corporation. All civil liberties Reserved.

Welcome come Pop culture Week! While you can always find us waxing poetic about the hefty overlap in between fashion and pop culture, we're dedicating the next five days to the topic of our favourite music, movies, TV, celebrities, books and theater, and how that all intersects v the fashion industry.

Even despite "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" hit the huge 2-0 this year (that's like... A whole Zendaya), the lover TV show's influence have the right to be felt years later. The inventive and also groundbreaking collection starring gibberish teenage female command Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) — that slayed demons and also vampires in she literal Hellmouth of a city — likewise served together an allegory for every the shit teens and young adult go through figuring the end life. 

The show's writer-creator Joss Whedon has dominated Twitter in the previous week because of an essay through his ex-wife that reveals much less than feminist personal beliefs and behavior (cheating), yet we refuse to let those disheartening (to to speak the least) allegations tarnish "Buffy"'s legacy. The show paved the means for so much we enjoy today: more kick-ass female-led reflects (see: "Alias," "Veronica Mars," "Orphan Black"), musical episodes that we need an ext of (see: "The Flash") and, of course, the late '90s and also early aughts fashion, which has cycled back in a significant way. (By the way, the 20th anniversary collectible "Buffy" DVD box set drops on Sept. 19.)

From 1997 come 2003, Buffy and her Scooby corridor — adorkable witch pasture (Alyson Hannigan), sarcastic BFF Xander (Nicholas Brendon), mean-girl-turned-fellow-outcast Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter), to add vampires/love interests broody point of view (David Boreanaz) and also bad young Spike (James Marsters) — wore seven seasons of an extremely memorable looks. Who deserve to forget Willow's now-infamous fuzzy, animal-knit sweaters and Buffy's signature slayer watch of mid-length leather jackets and also bootcut stretchy pants? The net sure hasn't.


On left, clockwise native top: Buffy, Cordelia, Xander, Willow, Buffy and Willow. ~ above right, clockwise native top: Glory, demon, Buffy at Anya and Xander's wedding, Cordelia at prom, Buffy's first day at university (remember the cherry dress?!). Sketches: courtesy Cynthia Bergstrom

So i tracked under costume designer Cynthia Bergstrom, who handled the characters' developmental years from periods two (junior year in ~ Sunnydale High) through six — girlfriend know, once Buffy came earlier from fatality a second time and also the Scooby gang transitioned into adulthood — or not, in the case of century-old vamps Angel and Spike. (Susanna Puisto design season one and also Terry Dresbach, that "Outlander" fame and Matthew van Dyne designed the last season.)

Bergstrom, who previously designed Wes Craven's "Scream," to be on plank for the show's many iconic episodes, consisting of the heart-wrenching "The Prom," the music "Once much more With Feeling," the parents-gone-wild "Band Candy" and the silent and also forever terrifying "Hush." After relocating on come hit shows including "CSI: Miami" and also "Private Practice" (and Gellar’s canceled 2011 series "Ringer"), Bergstrom left the sector in 2013 to earn a Master's degree in spiritual Psychology and became a therapist.

"I'm yes, really concentrating on teen girls and letting them recognize that they're okay simply the way they are and also they don't need to live in a people where lock feel favor they're no enough and also feel favor they need to compare themselves to others," she claims over the phone, bringing that all complete circle, since that sounds a lot favor the underlying layout of "Buffy." lucky for all of us forever "Buffy" fans, the extremely friendly (and fun) costume designer was more than happy to revisit she time on the show to discuss Buffy's sartorial legacy, exactly how 'Once an ext With Feeling' could have affected a recent Oscar-winning musical and what she really thinks of the negative Buffy Outfits Twitter account. 

Read on because that the highlights.


Watcher Giles (Anthony Head) and also Buffy. Where can I get that cami now?. Photo: © 1997-2003 twentieth Century Fox movie Corporation. All civil liberties Reserved.

Your an initial episode to be the season two premiere, "When She to be Bad," special a traumatized Buffy returning from summer break after kinda vanquishing The grasp (and coming ago from the dead, the an initial time). What was her vision in bringing she character into her following stage?

One of mine directives and that kind of damaged up the paradigm of exactly how I had been trained as a costume designer and also creating really cohesive, quite packages. I remember simply letting go and letting an explode of shade take place. Remember, too, it to be 1997, so fashion was fairly a little different. 

Because Buffy had resolved into the fact that she was the slayer — and also had let go of gift the little girl — and really took property of that she was and what her purpose was, I want to reflect that in the clothes. The was nearly like she had actually her day looks and her night looks: her college outfits and then she fight outfits. So she had actually a an extremely distinctive look when she would certainly fight and what I lugged out v all the periods I did. Ns wanted things to be one of two people the state-of-the-art of fads — starting the tendency — or on-trend and, mostly, I just wanted things that we hadn't seen before. Additionally mixing the feminine with type of the warrior-esque, contempt masculine facet of her task as a slayer.


Willow (Alyson Hannigan), Buffy and her bra straps. Photo: © 1997-2003 twenty Century Fox movie Corporation. All rights Reserved.

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Of the era's advanced trends that you incorporated, what were part highlights?

I remember really utilizing note Wong Nark tops and pants . The pants were great because they to be form-fitting and stretchy. She could wear her small ankle boots with the slim chunky heel. Oh my god, do you mental those boots the they wore back then? They had square toes and chunky heels. Please carry out not bring those back. <Sorry, they did.> They were cool in ~ the time. 

I remember her bra straps would present through she tank top. Therefore a many the pan of age starting drinking games. They would take a drink of a beer or a shot of whisky or every little thing when they witnessed a bra strap. Ns would acquire fan mail around that and also then people would try and number out what the concealed dark an interpretation was, which was nothing. Certainly her leather jackets. Ns think the Buffy quintessential fight look — animal leather jacket, low-cut top, push-up bra, her cross pendant — the was a staple look and it's still described today. Like, 'oh, that's a Buffy Outfit.' even Hot Topic, they sell that look.


You produced the costumes throughout the Scooby Gang's developmental years. What room your highlights in regards to using costume and fashion of the moment to evolve the rest of the Scooby Gang?

In terms of the cast, i really want to ton up Xander. My producer and also I always thought Nicholas had actually such a good look and also he was a an extremely handsome guy. A couple of time we gave him a stronger and a little bit an ext of a dashing look, together opposed come one of the Scooby Gang v baggy pants and also t-shirt and printed over-shirt. In Halloween episodes, I put him in this tuxedo and also a soldier outfit <'Halloween,' season two, episode six>.