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Q: If I have been convicted of a felony, deserve to I quiet buy a hunting license in the state the Wisconsin, and also hunt throughout the 2011 deer season?If you room asking if you have the right to rifle hunting deer, the price is no; however, you deserve to hunt deer v a lengthy bow and also arrow, recurve bow, compound bow or composite bow. Crossbows space illegal in the State that Wisconsin, v an exemption for handicapped people.A person with a felony conviction is legally able to purchase a hunting license in the State the Wisconsin also though they cannot hunt through a gun, nor tag a deer, be afflicted with or other game that has been eliminated with a gun.More quick hunting answers:Can a convicted felon buy a hunting license? Yes. Deserve to a judge felon possess a rifle, handgun or muzzleloader? No. Deserve to a judge felon join a hunting group? No. Can a judge felon usage a bow and also arrow come hunt? Yes. Deserve to a convicted felon hunt? Yes, so lengthy as that or she does no possess a firearm to carry out so. Have the right to a convicted felon hunting deer? Yes, however not v a firearm (only with a bow & arrow). Deserve to a judge felon hunt v a link bow? Yes, during bow & arrow season. Is a BB gun a firearm? No; BB guns are specifically excluded by Wisconsin regulation as firearms.

Under Wisconsin laws, it is illegal for a felon to possess a firearm, or for any type of person to carry out a felon through a firearm. Wisconsin state 941.29(2) specifically prohibits any type of person who has actually previously been convicted that a felony offense in any state from possessing a firearm at any type of time, for any type of purpose, when in the state the Wisconsin.A felon is a person who has actually previously been convicted of any felony violation in this or any kind of other state. A felony conviction has being found guilty the a felony at trial, pleading ‘guilty’ come a felony offense, and pleading ‘no contest’ to a felony charge and also being discovered guilty that a felony. Additionally, if you plea bargained for a lesser offense, and also the lesser violation was a felony, the is tho a felony conviction.A felony conviction in one more state equally prohibits the felon from searching in Wisconsin.Helpful information:

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