While the lion is overall an ext powerful and bigger, ns feel choose the jaguar is often underestimated. It's great swimmer and also overall a good hunter, who's also preying on black color bears and also caimans. While the lions usually prey ~ above bigger food (e.g. Elephants, crocodiles), they carry out that in teams with probably a lower searching success rate.

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R1: in a jungle

R2: based upon what they're qualified of preying on. Single jaguar vs solitary lion


R1) In an all the end fight, the Lion has actually a lot an ext raw toughness than the Jaguar, and also can probably gain an advantage. The Jaguar is also a lot smaller (in length, height, and weight) 보다 the Lion. 7/10 Lion.

R2) based upon preying, the Jaguar take away it because of it gift able to move quicker, and also sneak roughly stealthily without being noticed. The Lion is very up-front and also attacks nearly instantly. Jaguar 8/10.


The lion is stronger, faster, tougher, basically much better in every way except for ability to swim and also climb trees. A jaguar is the size of a lioness, because that goodness sake, this is not a fair enhance whatsoever.

Round 2 is based upon what's the largest pet they can take? The biggest I've heard because that a jaguar is a tapir, i m sorry is far smaller than buffalos and also giraffes i beg your pardon lions have actually taken down solo

According to this: http://csydes.wikia.com/wiki/Cheetah,_Jaguar,_Leopard,_Lion,or_Tiger-_Which_is_fastest%3F

They're about the exact same speed.

Overall, I've check out that the Jaguar is pound for pound the strongest cat - so even though the lion would certainly still it is in stronger, the size distinction doesn't make that much of a difference, esp due to the fact that the Jaguar's agility is much superior, ns suppose.

Also, ns wasn't have to talking about male lion vs male jaguar, i think that would certainly def walk in favor of the lion, but lioness vs woman jaguar might be really close. And also since the Jaguar prob has actually the advantage of sneaking increase on the lion, it can kill him instantly, yet I'm not sure if the lion wouldn't have the ability to react beforehand.

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As because that round 2, it would certainly be measured by what friend would take into consideration its many impressive kills. Favor I stated Jaguars are well-known for hunting deer, tapirs, and cows, but they're likewise capable of searching American black color bears, caimans and also even young anacondas. In groups, lions have actually preyed ~ above Nile crocodiles (but that's favor a 50/50 so more of a competition), elephants, giraffes and other. I'm open minded not also sure around what solo lions would have the ability to take on.