Kia is a automobile brand that has been to win over chauffeurs with its sporty vehicles—from renowned SUVs choose the Soul, come crossover models favor the Sportage or Sorento, come the household friendly Sedona, to sleek smaller sized cars prefer the Optima or the Forte. As a Kia driver, you know that one smart invest in a fun, reliable, and efficient car can take it you a lengthy way. Now, you can go even further when you include a walk or GO simple to her Kia vehicle.

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Perfect pop Up Camper / utility Trailer for your Kia Soul

There’s a factor why the Kia spirit is a best seller. That roomy enough for your totality family or a crew of an excellent friends. And also it’s rugged enough to gain wherever you want to go. That makes it a perfect automobile for adventure travel and also outdoor vacations. Now, you deserve to take your good times up a notch by including a Sylvan sports GO. Those a GO? the the new generation of pop up campers. Walk is a lightweight, stylish, and fun gear trailer and tent camper that delivers maximum the end adventure. And also it doubles together a energy trailer—perfect for moving, residence improvements, or garden work. Or, if you’re looking for a small, an easy trailer that have the right to haul all your bikes, boats, and outdoor gear with room come spare, inspect out the GO simple micro trailer.

Tow This Lightweight Camper with any Kia SUV, Minivan, or Car

At, we designed both the GO and GO straightforward to satisfy the needs of all outdoor adventure lovers, no issue what kind of auto you drive. Friend shouldn’t need to get about in a bulky gas guzzler to reap the comforts of the can be fried adventure camper. At just 840 pounds, the all-aluminum go is made to it is in towed by fuel reliable vehicles, including SUVs, minivans, sedans, hybrids, and also crossovers. You have the right to tow the go pop up camper with any vehicle that has actually a 4 cylinder engine and a hitch. So whether you’re steering a Kia Soul, Sportage, Sedona, Optima, Forte, Cadenza, or Rio, you’ve gained plenty of strength to tow this aerodynamic, lightweight camper.

Keep It straightforward with the Ultra Light, budget plan Friendly GO easy Trailer

Looking for something tiny and an easy that will revolutionize what you have the right to do v your Kia? The GO simple micro trailer is for you! you’ll barely notice this compact, systematized gear trailer as you head out for outdoor adventures. Yet, friend can quickly stack increase multiple boats, bikes or everything you require for can be fried fun. Check out the walk Easy and you’ll it is in surprised at exactly how much this little trailer can haul! you can additionally use the GO basic trailer for the days once you’re gaining work done—like relocating to a brand-new home, improving your home, putting in brand-new landscaping or a garden, or getting an imaginative with her business! The GO easy is a good way to give your Kia car all the usability of a pickup—at a price you can afford.

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Disclaimer: recommends the all GO owners follow the guidelines collection forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. We execute not recommend doing noþeles that would certainly either void a warranty, or create an unsafe or uncomfortable situation. .



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