The playstations 2 (PS2) has actually one that the all-time greatest gaming libraries, and that library is bolstered by the truth that the console has accessibility to much more than that own brochure of titles.

Is the PS2 behind compatible? Yes. The PS2 is behind compatible with most of the PS1’s gaming library and also accessories. That said, there are some exceptions depending upon which PS2 model you are using.

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As us said, the PS2 is behind compatible with most PS1 games and accessories – but compatibility really counts on the version of PS2. Throughout the board, the vast bulk of titles room compatible v all models of the PS2, but there are an ext than a grasp of exceptions.

Before we acquire into the various models and also their respective compatibility through PS1 software, there are several games that room incompatible with the PS2, nevertheless of the model.

These PS1 games have compatibility issues with every PS2 models:

Arcade Party PakArcade’s best Hits/Atari 2Fighter MakerMonkey Hero

Original PS2 (Fat) behind Compatability


When it involves backward compatibility, the initial PS2 models (also referred to as the “PS2 fat”) have issues with much fewer gamings than the redesigned slim units.

All of the following PS1 games have some significant issues running on (or are completely incompatible with) initial PS2 hardware:

Destruction DerbyDestruction Derby 2Destruction Derby RawFinal Fantasy TacticsKrazy IvanMetal gear Solid: unique Missions

This list of incompatible games is all in addition to the titles the have problems on all PS2 hardware. Still, this perform of incompatible games is simply a fraction of those the have concerns on the PS2 Slim.

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PS2 Slim behind Compatibility


Unfortunately, once it comes to the backward compatibility top top the PS2 Slim, there space a ton of PS1 gamings that have actually noticeable problems.

All that the complying with PS1 games have some major issues running on (or are totally incompatible with) PS2 Slim hardware:

102 Dalmatians: Puppies to The RescueAkuji The HeartlessBarbie Race and RideBroken HelixGundam battle AssaultThe HiveHooters roadway TripIn Cold BloodJampack Vol. 2Land prior to Time: great Valley racing AdventureLooney Tunes: sheep RaiderNFL XtremeNHL 2000NHL 2001NHL chisels Of stole 2000NHL rock The RinkNuclear StrikeOnePO’edPowerboat gyeongju (VR Sports)Poy Poy 2RascalRushdownSentientSpeed PunksStar Wars: episode I – The Phantom Menace (video game)Super Puzzle Fighter II TurboSoviet StrikeTomorrow never ever DiesUltimate Fighting ChampionshipWorms

This perform of incompatible gamings is every in addition to the titles that have worries on all PS2 hardware. However these are just the title that have major problems on the PS2. Because that a finish list of PS1 gamings that have even minor problems running on PS2 hardware, check out this useful Wikipedia guide.

But when the PS2 is backward compatible v the majority of PS1 games and accessories, is it have to the finest console to experience them on? Well, like anything else, there are pros and also cons.

PS2 backward Compatibility: Pros and also Cons



Easier to screen on an HDTVSlightly faster loading times


Not compatible through all PS1 gamesPS2 Slim not compatible with all PS1 accessories

When it comes to PS2 behind compatibility with the PS1, there space honestly very couple of pros or cons. The said, the few advantages and disadvantages that the console are pretty notable.

First of all, with component output, that is much easier to screen to an HDTV ~ above a PS2 than it is on the PS1. This is super useful considering many of united state don’t have actually an old CRT television sitting around.

Additionally, PS1 games tend to operation a tad more quickly on the PS2. It have to be noted that fill times aren’t considerably different; in fact, most gamers would likely never even notice the difference unless they were doing a side-by-side comparison.

Again, the key drawback of making use of a PS2 come play PS1 games is that not all titles or accessories are necessarily compatible. The PS2 go an admirable job at playing the PS1 software, however it’s not as consistent throughout the board as the original hardware.

Specifically, as soon as talking about the PS2 Slim, the should likewise be detailed that the console is no compatible v third-party PS1 storage cards (meaning, storage cards that perform not have actually the PlayStation logo on them). In order to conserve PS1 games, a PS1 memory card is required – even if play on a PS2. As result of a readjust in the hardware, however, the PS2 Slim is not compatible with third-party PS1 storage cards. This isn’t a deal-breaker by any kind of stretch, yet it is a little more challenging to come by a PlayStation-branded PS1 memory card this particular day than the is a third-party one.

Bottom Line: Nothing to win the PS1 once it involves playing PS1 games, however the PS2 come pretty close. Yes, there space a kind amount of games that nothing play fine on the hardware, but unless those space must-plays for you, it do not do it be a problem. The PS2 is great because it supplies the incredible library of playstation games also as every one of the awesome, nostalgic PS1 titles. In addition to having component output, it’s just simpler to usage a PS2 today. But if play PS1 gamings is all you really want to do, climate it’s probably best to just pick up a PS1 console.

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Do PS1 controllers job-related on the PS2?

Yes, the initial controllers do job-related on the PS2 for PS1 games (as well together the majority of playstation 2 games).

Do PS1 games play ~ above the PS3 too?

Yes, PS1 games to pat on the PS3, too. Over there are also PS3 consoles that have the capability to beat PS2 games as well, making them compatible with the very first three generations of playstations titles.