1.4 converting ratios from fractions to decimals

Although ratios are often given as fractions, castle can likewise be expressed together decimals. You need to deal with a mixture that fractions and decimals, and also to to compare ratios provided in one of two people form, therefore you require to be able to convert between the 2 forms.

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The proportion of the circumference of a circle come its diameter is a constant denoted by

(the Greek letter p) pronounced pi, it has actually been approximated through a variety of different fractions. One such fraction is , another is 355/113. Exactly how do this compare with the decimal value from a calculator that 3.141592 654?


If you have actually a calculator handy climate you could vital in 22 ÷ 7 to convert to a decimal. However, if not, you can use long division or one informal technique of division. Either means you should get 3.1428 …. For this reason agrees come 3 far-ranging figures.

You will certainly probably discover it much easier to use a calculator for dividing 355 by 113. The an outcome is 3.14159292, i beg your pardon agrees to 7 significant figures.

Sometimes you are provided a proportion as a decimal, however might find it easier to usage and/or remember as a fraction.

Suppose you had been told that the ratio in between a distance measured in miles and also the exact same distance measured in kilometres is about 0.625. Convert this come a fraction.


This fraction is an adequate answer, or you deserve to divide top and also bottom by typical factors to with a easier equivalent fraction.

Divide top and bottom by 5 to obtain


Divide top and also bottom by 5 again to acquire


Divide top and also bottom by 5 again to obtain .

So the fraction is , which is the fraction used earlier.

An alternative method is perform this in one line cancelling


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