We understand that on a number line the number ~ above the right isalways higher than the number on the left. Same applies for integersalso.  -1 > -2, -2 > -3 and so on.

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From the over number line we have the right to say that 0 the end the positive and an unfavorable integers. 0 is ~ above the left of all the optimistic integers. So, 0 is much less than every confident integer. 0 is top top the ideal of every the negative integers. So, 0 is greater than every an adverse integer. Every the confident integers are greater than an adverse integers.

Comparison the integers: When we represent integers top top the number line, we observe the the value of the number rises as we move towards right and also decreases together we relocate towards left. 


                                             1 -2 > ……

The totality numbers room on the ideal side the the 0 and in the left next of the 0 there are an unfavorable numbers.

Note:(i) Zero is much less than every confident integer, and greater than every negative integer. Zero is neither positive nor negative.

For example, 0 -1, 0 > -5, etc.

(ii) Every positive integer is better than every negative integer.

For example, 2 > -2, 2 > -1, 1 > -1 etc. (iii) over there is no best or the smallest integer. (iv) The smallest optimistic integer is 1 and also the greatest an unfavorable integer is -1. 

Solved examples on comparison of Integers:

1. Which is higher +1 or -6?


Since +1 lies come the ideal of 0 ~ above the number line. +1 isgreater 보다 -6.

2. I m sorry is higher -27 or -34?


-34 is 34 systems away come the left that 0. -27 is 27 devices awayto the left the 0. So, -27 is to the right of -34. -27 > -34.

3. Species +27, -32, +16 and also -12 in ascending order.


Let us mark the integers top top the number line.


Thus, the integers in ascending order room -33, -15, +18, +29

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