Can mine guinea pig eat dragon fruit? i don’t check out it on the Guinea Pig for sure Fruits and also Vegetables list, so I’m curious. Thanks!

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Hi, Emily!

Dragon fruit you say? We have actually never heard that it! So off to the keep The human beings were sent.

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There are several different species of dragon fruit: red flesh, white flesh, and also yellow flesh. Every come with thousands of black seeds installed in the fruit. The Humans gained us the red-skinned, white flesh variety (Hylocereus undatus), for this reason that’s the kind we will be spanning today.

Vitamin and Mineral file of Dragon Fruit

As it transforms out, guinea pigs deserve to eat dragon fruit. And also because of its relatively low calcium and sugar content, it’s for sure to feed her guinea pig a few small pieces 3 to four times a week.

But this isn’t to say her guinea pigs will certainly be wheeking end themselves to get a piece of it. Because of its short sugar content, it has actually a mild, sweet to bland taste. At least, the HappyCavies appeared to think so.

The following profile is based upon 100 grams.

Dragon fruit (Hylocereus undatus)4-25mg6-10mg16-36mg9-14g

Where to uncover Dragon Fruit (Pitaya)


Dragon fruit cut lengthwise

Dragon fruit have the right to be discovered in asian grocery stores and also markets. The Humans uncovered the white flesh range at a Fubonn oriental Supermarket in Portland, Oregon. That went for about $2.

How come Prepare Dragon Fruit for your Guinea Pig

Dragon fruit (also dubbed pitaya or pitahaya) is native to regions in Mexico, central America, and South America, however it’s cultivated all about the world. The fruit itself has a wide, oval-shape, and it’s around the dimension of a mango, v thin, fleshy appendages protruding indigenous the fruit’s external skin.

To prepare, start by washing the fruit, being sure to remove any kind of hidden dust or grime from the skin. Then slice the fruit lengthwise.

Using a spoon, then scoop the fleshy main point out the its skin shell.


When scooping out the fruit core, be very careful come remove any type of pink skin the sticks to the white flesh. The skin is not safe for consumption.

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Then slice the fruit into small pieces and also feed to her guinea pig!

The HappyCavies weren’t crazy around dragon fruit. However who knows, it might be her guinea pig’s brand-new favorite snack!

Have You had actually Dragon Fruit?

Have you given dragon fruit to your guinea pig? What did it think? allow us understand by leaving a keep in mind in the comment section!


Have You had actually Dragon Fruit

Have you provided dragon fruit to your guinea pig? What did that think? allow us know by leave a note in the comments section!

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