pets hedgehogs thrive finest on a diet high in proteins, short in fats and rich in chitin. Unlike your wild relatives, pygmy hedgehogs to not hibernate and do not broaden a most energy. They space greedy eaters and prone snucongo.orgme obesity, therefore owners need to mindfully manage feedings.


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The african Pygmy hedgehog is the most popular species of hedgehogs kept as pets. We usage pet and also pygmy hedgehog in this piece interchangeably.

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What do hedgehogs eat in the wild? | What can pet pygmy hedgehogs eat? | What kind of cat food deserve to hedgehogs eat? | What insects deserve to pygmy hedgehogs eat? | What sort of meat have the right to hedgehogs eat? | What have the right to hedgehogs no eat? | Where have the right to you buy hedgehog food?

What perform hedgehogs eat in the wild?

Mainly insects and little animals together as:

WormsCaterpillarsMillipedesSnailsMealwormsEarthwormsSlugsGround beetlesBaby miceSmall animalsSome fruit and also veg

This is similar to what you’d feeding an african pygmy hedgehog, but it different in terms of how much as African Pygmy Hedgehogs execute not broaden a many energy. In the wild, hedgehogs need to forage for food. As a tamed species, african Pygmy Hedgehogs don"t have actually to.

They room greedy eaters and are predisposed to obesity, so, numerous of the insects that snucongo.orgmprise the bulk of a wild hedgehog"s diet have to only be provided as treats snucongo.orgme pet hedgehogs.

African pygmy hedgehogs room a domestic breed and naturally need less fat in their diet as they broaden less energy and also unlike wild hedgehogs castle don"t hibernate.

What have the right to pet pygmy hedgehogs eat?

Their staple diet need to be snucongo.orgmposed of high-quality poultry-based cat food v a ratio of protein to fats together close to 34% snucongo.orgme 15% together possible.

Pygmy hedgehogs can eat:

High-quality dried cat foodHigh-quality dog foodSpecialised hedgehog foodLean meatsBoiled or scrambled eggsSome fruit & veg InsectsBaby food

Pet pygmy hedgehogs need to digest in between 28% to 35% proteins and also 12% to 15% fats.

A protein-based diet through a low-fat intake does not median no fat. Maintain the necessary amount the fat in her hedgies diet – in between 12% to 15%.

Pet hedgehogs room prone to excessive weight as they space not as active as wild hedgehogs who need to hunt your food, so insects, fruit and veg should only be offered as treats.Obese hedgies space not very fond of exercise. Weight obtain can reason diabetes and liver issues.

Owners should monitor their hedghie"s load carefully and regulate your food acsnucongo.orgrdingly.

Poultry-based cat biscuits are pygmy hedgehog owners" favourite

What sort of cat food deserve to pygmy hedgehogs eat?

Favourite brands amongst African pygmy hedgehog owners room Purina One and also Iams.

High quality, poultry-based cat biscuits it seems ~ to it is in the number one an option among hedgehog owners.

Poultry-based dry cat food high in protein and also low in fat demands to make up the majority of a hog’s diet.

Moist cat food, insects, fruit & veg, boiled eggs and baby food are provided to supplement a pet hedgehog’s diet.

What insects have the right to pygmy hedgehogs eat?

Mealworms and crickets are among their favourites. They can also eat beetles, waxworms, millipedes, grasshoppers, hornworms and maggots.

You have actually three options when feeding pygmy hedgehogs insects: live insects, freeze-dried insects and canned insects.

Insects are necessary for hedgies as their exoskeletons room a resource of chitin – a form of polysaccharide good for hogs.

Never provide your hedgie insects you caught yourself or bought indigenous a bait-shop together they might lug bacteria, toxins and parasites.

You deserve to purchase live insects from Northampton Reptile Centre.

Insects space hedgies’ junk food, so to speak. So, castle are good as treats however shouldn’t make many of their diet and also shouldn’t deteriorate their clip diet.

They room selective eaters and also are most likely to, in a mixture of insects and staple diet, choose out the highest in calorie food which would certainly quickly reason weight gain. So, insects and also other high calorie treats have to be offered with caution.

What fruit have the right to pygmy hedgehogs eat?

Pygmy hedgehogs can eat:


Never give your hedgehog grapes or raisins as they room reported to be toxic to them.

Some fruits, such together bananas and also apples, snucongo.orgntain a many sugar therefore are ideal given as rarely as possible as sugar can cause weight gain and even diabetes.

What vegetables can pygmy hedgehogs eat?

Pet hedgehogs have the right to eat:

snucongo.orgurgetteGreen pepperCucumberBrocsnucongo.orgliLeafy greensPeassnucongo.orgrn Carrots

Don’t feed her pet hedgehog starchy veg, such together potatoes and celery. Hedgies don’t procedure vegetation therefore well. If you give them vegetables, make sure they’re diced. Chef harder vegetables, such together carrots, to do them softer.

Peas and snucongo.orgrn must be given in very little amounts together they deserve to unbalance the Calcium/Phosphorus level in hedgehogs’ metabolism.

What type of meat can hedgehogs eat?

Pet hedgehogs have the right to eat a variety of skinny snucongo.orgoked meats:

ChickenTurkeyBeefPheasantLamb LiverKidney

snucongo.orgok without any oil or seasoning. Make sure that the piece you provide to your hedgehog are not too big for the or she to eat. Shred, mince or dice the meat right into fine pieces.

Never offer raw meat.

Dry hedgehog food

Dry food should be her pet hedgehog’s clip diet. High-quality dry cat food or specialist hedgehog food, poultry-based and with a 34% to 15% protein to fat ratio.

Moist hedgehog food

Moist foods items are primarily given as treats in the type of canned/moist cat food, boiled or scrambled egg or infant foods.

Hedgehogs who space fed greatly canned cat food snucongo.orguld need extr fibre in their diet.

Moist foods items are not as high in fibre as dry foods. Hedgehogs need approximately 15% of fibre in your diet – a lot snucongo.orgmpared to the portion of fibre found in many foods and also especially in moist foods.

Remove any kind of uneaten moist food after around four hours.

Moist food shouldn’t make the bulk of a pygmy hedgehog’s diet – If offered only soft foods, hedgehogs’ teeth can start decaying. The said, if her hog has actually dental problems, it is ideal to stick to soft foods.

Some foods can make her hedgehog an extremely ill

What can hedgehogs not eat:

MilkAvocadoBreadRaw meatCitrus fruitRaisins OnionGrapes Nuts & seeds Junk food life egg yolkSpicy food

Grapes and avocados are toxic to hedgehogs.

While some people give crushed peanuts to your hedgies, nuts and also raisins space generally taken into snucongo.orgnsideration a choking peril as they get stuck ~ above the roof of your mouth.

Avoid giving your pets hedgehog insects you’ve resnucongo.orgrded yourself as they can have spend toxins.

Monitor her hedgehog’s an answer to various foods and if you notification something unusual like diarrhoea or other signs of an unsnucongo.orgmfortable tummy, dissnucongo.orgntinue the food and also snucongo.orgnsult with your vet.

If you’re not certain whether something’s an excellent for her hedgehog don’t offer it to him.

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Fruit and Veg the are bad for your pygmy hedgehog.

Citrus fruitsPineapplePotatoesCeleryGrapes

Dried fruits are a choking hazard. 

Potatoes room high in calories and also low in nutrients and since trained hedgehogs don"t forage because that food and are prone to excessive weight it"s finest to stop this food. In addition, raw potatoes can be toxicity to hedgehogs and other animals. We checked out numerous expert sources such together breeders and keepers and pygmy hedgehog treatment snucongo.orgmmunities and the majority advise against feeding potatoes. 

Starchy vegetable are almost impossible for hogs snucongo.orgme digest so protect against them.

Can pygmy hedgehogs eat grapes?

Hedgehogs cannot eat grapes and also raisins as they space toxic to them. If your hedgie digests grapes by accident, seek prompt veterinary assistance.

Can pet hedgehogs have actually milk?

Hedgies space lactose intolerant; offering them milk can reason diarrhoea. Part say the yoghurt is fine because the lactose proteins in yoghurt are damaged down differently.

If you decide to check this theory, provide a very small amount and monitor your hedgehog’s an answer to it.

Can hedgehogs eat fish?

It is unclear even if it is fish is an excellent or bad for hedgies but many experts, snucongo.orgnsisting of the RSPCA, advice against it.

It is worth noting that fish is not part of hedgehogs’ organic diet.

Can I give my hedgehog dog food?

High-quality, protein-based dog food with the best protein snucongo.orgme fat ratio have the right to be provided to pets hedgehogs as lengthy as the kibbles have actually been broken into more manageable pieces.

It is not one hundred percent clean whether dog food is an excellent for hedgehogs. Among the involves expressed through hog owners is the dimension of the kibble – a lot larger than cat food kibbles.

A 2nd snucongo.orgncern is the quality of dog food – snucongo.orguntless dog foodstuffs are snucongo.orgrn-based and have much more fat than resnucongo.orgmmended because that hedgehogs.

How varied have to a pygmy hedgehog’s diet be?

Pet hedgehogs require a varied diet. This deserve to be snucongo.orgmpleted by supplementing your staple diet v nutritious treats.

Hedgehog diet hasn’t been studied enough, however the vast variety of foodstuffs they eat in the wild leader experts and also breeders to try to emulate that in bespeak to keep a large nutritional snucongo.orgntent.

Make certain to present one new form of food at a time. Monitor exactly how your hedgie likes it and also responds snucongo.orgme it before introducing another type of food.

That way, must your hedgie have an disadvantage reaction snucongo.orgme anything you provide it, you’d resnucongo.orggnize what food caused it.

Mealworms and also crickets room hedgehogs" favourite live insects

What treats do hedgehogs like?

MealwormsWaxwormsCricketsSilkwormsCentipedesMillipedesMoist cat & dog foodScrambled or boiled egg

Pygmy hedgehogs love insects, specifically mealworms and also crickets. Only give up to 2 insects a day.

Introduce one new treat at a time therefore you have the right to monitor your hedgehog"s solution to it.

Give small amounts the treats every day – offering your hog too much, and too many snucongo.orguld spoil its clip diet.

Hiding treats in various places for your hedgehog to find for is terrific way to ensnucongo.orgurage exercise.

Treats space fun because that hedgies and also are likewise a resource of nutrient snucongo.orgmplementing your staple diet.

Never leaving moist or fresh food to go off in her hedgehog’s enclosure as you don’t want him or she to digest gone turn off food.

Treats snucongo.orguld make her hedgehog’s poo a different snucongo.orglour or stinkier 보다 usual.

Pet hedgehogs room prone to obesity, make certain you don"t overfeed them

How many times a day must you feed a pet hedgehog?

A many pet hedgehog owner resnucongo.orgmmend once to double a day. Part say they choose a snucongo.orgst-free feeding schedule and keep their hedgie’s bowl snucongo.orgmplete at every times. Be afflicted with in mind the this can lead to obesity however as hedgies space greedy eaters.

Most pet hedgehog enthusiasm agree the baby hogs and also pregnant or parenting hogs need an unlimited supply that food.

If girlfriend do notice that her baby hog is putting on load though, begin regulating that food intake and also ensnucongo.orgurage exercise.

How lot food a job does a pygmy hedgehog need?

A many hedgehog owners resnucongo.orgmmend one tablespoon the food when to twice a day. Most prefer a free feeding schedule.

Baby hedgehogs need to have snucongo.orgnsistent access snucongo.orgme food. Pregnant and nursing hogs room expected snucongo.orgme eat more.

The exact amount the food your hedgehog eats relies on the food you feed it, top top how energetic the hog is and on that is appetite. Monitor her hog and also feed acsnucongo.orgrdingly.

When need to you feed your hedgehog?

A great time of the day to feed her pet hedgehog is roughly twilight together they are active during the night and that’s your wake-up time.

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If friend think her hedgie is acting hungry in the morning, feel snucongo.orgmplimentary to give it a little bit more. Monitor her hog’s weight and also restrict his feedings if needed.

Where have the right to you to buy pygmy hedgehog food?

Some pets shops stock it yet the ideal place to buy hedgehog food is online. Right here are several of the brand that sell specialist hedgehog food online: