Find the end if it"s safe to eat pork during pregnancy, including pork pies and also pork scratchings. Plus, precautions to take to save you and your baby healthy.

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The main advice on eat pork in pregnancy

Great news! Pork is safe to eat once you"re pregnant, giving you for sure the meat is well cooked.

Whether you"re enjoying pork chops, pork mince or a roast pork joint, the NHS advises the all meat, including pork, should be totally cooked during pregnancy. If friend eat pork while you"re pregnant, constantly make certain there is no map of pink or blood.

If friend eat raw or undercooked meat, there is a little risk of obtaining toxoplasmosis. This is one infection led to by a parasite that stays in life meat, soil and cat poo. Toxoplasmosis have the right to make her unborn baby really unwell and also potentially bring about pregnancy complications, consisting of miscarriage and stillbirth.

Pork pies

Pork pies generally contain a mixture the pork mince, bacon lardons and sausage meat baked in a pastry crust. Pork pies are often served cold, but since the meat has actually been completely cooked in the baking process, they room fine come eat throughout pregnancy. You might be surprised through how numerous calories are in a pork pie though, so gain in moderation, especially if you"re worried about gaining too lot pregnancy weight.

Pork scratchings

Pork scratchings room pork skin that has been roasted or fried in fat to obtain that perfect crispy texture. Offering the meat has been fully cooked, pork scratchings room safe to eat if you"re pregnant. They"re generally pretty high in salt and saturated fat though, for this reason it"s best to keep them come an sometimes treat.

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Delicious pork recipes

Love pork? Why not try one the these great pregnancy-safe recipes? just ensure the meat is fine cooked through no map of pink.

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Foods to stop in pregnancy: your definitive guide

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