My mam left mine children, my credit card and my car and also told me she is never coming back. Once I told the police, they claimed there is nothing that can be done due to the fact that we are married and also those items room considered community property.

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What can I do?


I am not licensed come practice legislation in her state. Therefore, ns cannot inform you regarding the details laws of your state and can only administer you with general information concerning divorce law.

You need to start somewhere. I hope by currently you have actually cancelled the credit card the your wife took and also cut turn off her access to any type of other financial accounts that you shared. You should inspect your credit report to make certain that no extr credit cards have been opened up in your name that you room not conscious of.

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2x.jpg 100w" sizes="(max-width: 150px) 100vw, 150px" />Utah divorce lawyer Dena L. MorganNext, take into consideration how that vehicle is titled. Is it organized only in your name? If that is the case, you can report your auto stolen.

If the is organized by girlfriend or her, climate you have the right to go come the DMV and have the car re-titled to your single ownership and then report it stolen. Save in mind, this readjust does no necessarily mean that it yes, really is your residential property alone – it just provides you the ability to report it steal to the police because it is no longer neighborhood property.

To locate your children, ns would begin by contacting every one of your wife’s family members to view if anyone knows where they are located. I would certainly also try to report her children lacking or kidnapped come the local police. I don’t recognize whether castle will paper a report, however it is precious a try.

If necessary, you could look into hiring a private detective/investigator to watch if castle can get information on wherein your mam is located. If you can discover her, you can serve her through divorce documents (if the is what you want to do).

Also, if you desire to divorce her, you have the right to usually publish in the local newspaper the you have filed and also ask the court to approve that publishing as “service.”

Remember, i am unable to administer you with anything much more than basic divorce tips, so please consult a domestic litigation lawyer in her area come obtain specific advice as to the regulations in your state and also how they affect your circumstances.

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