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Is anyone utilizing a dish 722k DVR by only recording with the MT2 option "over the air" channels? I"ve heard that you can collection it to record shows manually prefer a VCR. I would certainly love to check out a display shot or 2 of what the looks choose - or is this an "urban myth"?

Not sure about the 722 however Ive excellent it with a 522 and 622. If you want to shot it just disconnect every lines in. I think it will certainly ask for a check switch and also have a pop up saying you need to connect, but after the you have the right to hit the dvr button twice and you have to see friend recorder ingredient to play. I haven"t excellent it in a while however it did work for me . If you own it climate you would certainly disconnect every lines, phone and sat feeds , prior to you speak to in and deactivate. I think they can send a hit come disable all features if it"s linked after deactivation.

Can one watch prerecorded shows off a ViP 722 without a subscription? If so, does the box have to hooked approximately a dish (pointed to E* sats)? Also, what around watching (via a ViP 722) prerecorded mirrors you moved to a EHD?

If you own the crate you can open the up and also install the biggest HD it will certainly support and also then pack it up prior to deactivation. I"m not certain how big that would be, possibly a an excellent question for the tech guys. ~ you download a Hd girlfriend would need to update and transfer as much of your EHD stuff together you can back before deactivating, A brand-new drive will likewise not have a bunch of VOD on it, so even an ext room.
Well ns don"t own my 722 yet rather lease the from DISH. Could I buy a used, working 722 turn off eBay and return it rather of the one I have leased (when the time comes that i think around canceling)? Or walk the EHD activation occupational with all/any 722s top top one"s account? If so then ns guess I might activate the one ns buy and also move every little thing to it (and actually return the leased one).
Your 722 has an R) number attached come it. Dish is walking to want to check out that same number returned to them.....

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Well ns don"t very own my 722 but rather lease it from DISH. Could I purchase a used, working 722 off eBay and return it instead of the one I have actually leased (when the time comes that ns think around canceling)? Or walk the EHD activation work with all/any 722s top top one"s account? If therefore then ns guess I can activate the one ns buy and also move every little thing to the (and in reality return the leased one).
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