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Chime ideal in! (no registration req"d)-----"Mixing galvanized and iron pipe for organic gas lines"

A discussion started in 2005 but continuing through 2019

2005Q. ns was told many years earlier that if galvanized and iron pipe were blended in a organic gas pipe heat galvanic reaction would eventually cause leaks. However a plumber friend claims the mix is ok.Jim Feig jr.Home Inspector - Mansfeild, brand-new Jersey^
2005A. check your local ordinances. Galvanized is generally forbidden for nat gas lines.
Jeffrey Holmes, CEFSpartanburg, south Carolina^2005A. The reason you perform not desire to use galvanized pipe in gas as result of it gift galvanized, and also not pulled choose malleable iron is. Over time pieces of the galvanized steel will certainly flake off and clog up all of your gas regulators and burner units, come my expertise there is no reaction in between the metals and also it is legitimate to usage them together in under IAPMO password P.S.if you want to cut expense use galvanized fittings less interior surface to corrode offNicholasPlumber - Everett, Washington, USA^
2007Q. because that the past seven years us have had actually a swimming pool heater the runs on organic gas. It stopped working this year due to serious end heating difficulties that melted few of the circuit board and electrical components. So now we room replacing that with an additional unit. The fittings that hooked up the versatile gas pipe to the old pool heater to be a combination of continual iron pipe and also galvanized pipe. Our pool heater environment crew stated this would reason problems v our brand-new heater. Ours plumber said there is no trouble using the galvanized fitting, either alone or in combination with the iron fitting. That is right?JK Prillamanhobbyist / pool owner - Champaign, Illinois USA^
May 22, 2016

A. very first of every you require to recognize the difference in between black steel pipe and galvanized pipe. Galvanized pipe is simply iron or steel pipe that has actually been coated through zinc for security from corrosion. And yes there will be a dissimilar metal or galvanic reaction in between black iron and the galvanized coating. If mounted in the setting the reaction will commonly not be as far-ranging as if the connection is set up in soil or water. I would try not to mix them simply to be on the safer side.

Jerry Ratliff, NACE Certified Corrosion Technologist- Magnolia, Texas USA^
October 7, 2017

Q. deserve to I have actually a herbal gas heat to a new upstairs wash room by to run the line exterior from the basement to the 2nd floor? What kind of steel is preferable?

barbara rosenblatt- metuchen, new Jersey usa^

Outdoor NG Galvanized Pipe

October 24, 2017

Q. Is it agree in Monmouth county NG to run Galvanized Pipe because that a gas line to a was standing by generator?

Kenny Stakp- Middletown, brand-new Jersey^July 17, 2019

Q. Hey males I to be Aamir , ns am brand-new to plumbing and I needed to recognize if malleable stole fittings can be used with stole pipes for natural gas supply together per IFGC code.

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