Monster power drink was introduced by the Monster Beverage corporation in 2002. Due to the fact that then that has end up being one that the most renowned names in the energy drink industry and also occupies a 35% share of the market- 2nd only to Red Bull.

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There are currently 39 various energy drink under the Monster brand. Monster energy drink provides a wide range of seasonings to cater come a diverse selection of customers.

Monster power drink contains 160mg caffeine and 54g sugar in addition to 190 calorie in a single serving. Follow to the health and wellness regulations and also other energy drinks in the market, these numbers are rather high.

If you’re wondering exactly how long you can store your have the right to of Monster power drink prior to it go bad-I have actually the answer for you.

It is safe to consume power drinks in ~ 18-24 month from their manufacturing date. Back Monster energy Drinks do have an expiry date, you might drink your energy drink 6-9 months after the expiry date if save properly.

Continue reading to know an ext about Monster energy drinks and how lengthy you can store them.

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Monster power Drink Nutrition FactsMonster energy Drink Ingredients

Monster power Drink Nutrition Facts

The Nutritional facts of Monster power Drinks.

The nutritional worth in every 16 fl.oz have the right to of Monster energy drink:

popular energy drink brands out there:

Nutritional FactsMonster energy Drink
Calories210 calories
Carbohydrates 54g
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)3.5mg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)51.5mg
Vitamin B610.7mg
Vitamin B1213µg
Ingredients in Monster energy Drink.

Calories in Monster power Drink

Monster energy Drink has actually 210 calories every 16 fl.oz can.

Monster power has a high-calorie content of 210 calories per serving size. The is a the majority of calories to be spend from her daily energy drink.

For reference, the FDA proposal the everyday calorie intake because that adult males and females to be 2500 and 2000 calories respectively.

The high quantities of sugar and also calories in Monster power drink are more than likely not the health-conscious’s ideal option. Especially with a many other healthier options with brand coming up v low-calorie and also zero-calorie alternatives.

So if you’re counting your calories or just want to move to low-calorie options, you can try Monster energy sugar-free power drinks. However drinking much more than one energy drink in a day isn’t recommended one of two people way.

Monster energy Drink Ingredients

Monster energy Drink comes in plenty of flavors and choices for you to select from. These drinks contain a range of ingredients. Here’s a list of ingredients found in a conventional 16 fl.oz can of Monster energy Drink.

The ingredients in a can of Monster power Drink.Carbonated WaterSugarGlucoseCitric AcidNatural FlavorsTaurineSodium CitrateColor AddedPanax Ginseng ExtractL- Carnitine L-Tartate CaffeineSorbic acid (Preservative)Benzoic mountain ( Preservative)Niacinamide ( vitamin B3)SucraloseSaltInositolGuarana ExtractPyridoxine Hydrochloride (vitamin B6)Riboflavin (vitamin B2)MaltodextrinCyanocobalamin (vitamin B12)


Monster energy Drink has 160mg caffeine every can.

Energy drink contain caffeine to provide you the desired boost in energy and performance. It also keeps you awake and alert. But too much caffeine is not good for your health. according to the FDA, you must not drink an ext than 400mg the caffeine in a day. And the caffeine in Monster energy Drink is close to the approved amount. So that is best not to have more than one drink in a job to prevent experiencing the side effects of overconsumption the caffeine.

An average cup the coffee contains around 80-90mg of caffeine. For this reason a can of Monster contains practically the double amount of caffeine. I personally recommend drink your deserve to of Monster power in a expectations of few hours to protect against feeling anxious or jittery. Drinking too much caffeine may also lead to rise in heart rate and high blood pressure amongst other symptoms. It have the right to also an outcome in sleeplessness or insomnia.


Sugar must be consumed in a calculated amount.

A 16 fl. Oz have the right to of Monster Energy consists of 54g sugar. That calculates approximately 13 teaspoons of sugar in a solitary serving.

Monster energy Drink includes a pretty high sugar contents in each can. The daily sugar intake encourage by the AHA is not much more than 25g because that women and also 36g because that men. for this reason you’ll it is in exceeding her recommended everyday intake that sugar just by drinking one have the right to of Monster power Drink.

The high level of sugar mixed with the large amounts the caffeine and also calories room not precisely diet-friendly, fairly it can play a role in weight gain.

Consuming a deserve to of Monster power drink in addition to your continual diet may bring about excessive intake of sugar and also calories. The side results of consuming too lot sugar are given below:

Increases the level that glucoseIncreases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart diseasesDecreases immune functionCauses this decayImproves cognition in childrenIncreases stress

Monster power drink also contains included artificial sweeteners and flavors on height of the high sugar content. The artificial sweetener used in Moonster power is sucralose. Sucralose is provided in numerous energy drink as it is plenty of times sweeter 보다 sugar and works together a preservative. While Sucralose is actually zero calories, consuming too much of that may reason some side results over time.

So the is best to border your usage of handle sugar and opt because that sugar-free choices while buying energy drinks.

Do Monster energy Drinks Expire?

The expiration date of Monster power drinks have the right to be indigenous 18-24 months after the day of production as proclaimed in the can.

All handle food and drinks come v an expiration date. And also it’s ideal to consume them within the day of expiration. However, you might store your power drink 6-9 month after the expiration date if you leave it unopened in a an ideal environment. There have actually been instances where power drinks to be stored for much longer periods of time, although castle are most likely to shed their taste and nutritious worth by then. However I wouldn’t advise doing that since it’s finest to drink power drinks in ~ the first couple of months after ~ they room manufactured.

Always above your health and wellness professional and also follow the indict on the label to avoid bad side impacts from drinking expired food and also drinks.

What Is The Shelf Life that Monster power Drink?

Monster energy Drinks most likely retain their finest quality approximately 6-9 month after the expiration date mentioned in the package.

To extend the shelf life that Monster power drinks, it’s ideal to store them in a cool, dark room wherein they space not exposed to too much hot or cold temperatures. It must be kept away from heat and light. Absolutely consume every food and beverages if the packaging is damaged or open, or if the seal is broken.

After save on computer them for a while, you may expect to feeling a difference in taste as several of the ingredients may shed their efficacy. So it is always best to follow the instructions published on the label and also drink your power drink together you purchase them.

While most power drinks like Monster power have a recommended shelf life of 18-24 months, REIZE powdered power drinks can be save for as much as 36 months and also still be in perfect condition.

But much more on REIZE later.

How carry out You know If your Monster power Drink Is Expired?

While there’s no injury in storing your Monster power drink a pair more months after the expiry date, it’s an extremely important come look the end if your drink has actually expired or unable to do bad.

There could be some visual indications of your drink getting bad if friend find any unusual odor or if her drink it s okay bloated or expands. This may take place if they room not stored appropriately or if the seal the the package it s okay damaged. Together Monster is a carbonated drink, it may likewise go negative if the gas present in the deserve to gets out. As whole make sure there isn’t any kind of environment for bacterial development while save your energy drink.

If you carry out see indicators that your drink has actually gone out of date, it’s probably best to litter it out together drinking such energy drinks might be harmful to your health.

Monster energy Drink Alternatives

If you like power drinks because that your everyday energy boost but aren’t also keen on Monster because that its high sugar and caffeine contents, here’s a perform of other energy drinks you may like:

You may additionally give powdered energy drinks a try. Lock are an ext convenient and often less the price while having actually the exact same taste and also characteristics:

REIZE (my an individual favorite)

REIZE (10 out of 10)

REIZE offers the perfect nutrition and refreshment.

If you’re searching for healthier and better choices 보다 Monster energy Drink, offer REIZE power a try. REIZE has a sensible 50mg caffeine that offers your wanted energy because that the day without making you restless. REIZE is also low in sugar and calories much healthier contrasted to Monster power Drinks.

REIZE is additionally full of beneficial ingredients like taurine, ginseng, and B vitamin that boost its taste and also nutritious value. It’s also really convenient to carry and you have actually your energy drink wherever- just mix water!

Best part? REIZE ships straight to your door for only roughly $1.

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Give REIZE a shot today, and also you could find the the much better choice to Monster Energy.