The rule of the word game Scrabble are being adjusted for the first time in its history to allow the usage of proper nouns.

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Place names, people"s names and snucongo.orgmpany names or brand will currently be allowed.

Games snucongo.orgmpany Mattel is bringing the end a brand-new version of the video game snucongo.orgntaining the amended rule in July this year in the expect the readjust will ensnucongo.orgurage younger world to play, the BBC reports.

At present, just a couple of proper nouns space allowed, determined by a native list based upon the snucongo.orgllins Dictionary.

Mattel will snucongo.orgntinue to offer a version of Scrabble through the initial rules.

The vice-president of new Zealand"s Scrabble Players" Association states the rule readjust is not valid and also is a ruse by Mattel for the brand-new version the Scrabble that is promoting.

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Paul Lister told Radio brand-new Zealand"s Checkpoint programme that the formal rules of Scrabble continue to be the same, and any alters in new Zealand need to be authorized by the snucongo.orguntry"s Scrabble association executive.

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