Most of us use pine tree Sol together a family members cleaning product without learning whether we can use it for other purposes. Wouldn’t it be an excellent if pine tree Sol could help us defeat or kill pests? Some world claim that Pine Sol deserve to kill bed bugs, yet could the claim be true?

Pine Sol will kill bed bugs as soon as it contact them directly. That works once it touch beg bugs both in the diluted and also undiluted form.

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This applies to the bed pest eggs together well. But dried jaw Sol does not kill bed bugs.


Pine Sol, as a family members cleaner and also disinfectant, has actually the capability to kill different kinds that pests, including bed bugs. One needs to use it correctly for the to it is in effective against bed bugs. Kindly check out on to view the correct means of using Pine Sol as a bed bug killer and additionally to understand how it death bed bugs.

Does pine tree Sol death Bed Bugs

Pine Sol have the right to kill beg bug, but it needs to touch the bed begs directly. You need a many time and also patience to get a positive an outcome if you have a many bed bugs in her home. If you want to gain a positive result, you have to move round to all the locations where bed bugs hide in your home and spray each of those areas.

Both undiluted and also diluted pine Sol kill bed bugs. However, if the jaw Sol gets diluted excessively, it will no longer be effective against bed bugs. If you usage Pine solar to kill bed bugs top top a surface, such a surface ar will be complimentary from bed bugs for number of days due to the fact that the smell of the residue pine tree Sol deserve to still deter bed bugs.

Pine Sol functions fine for the bed pest eggs too, because they do have actually a (more) sensitive skin that will certainly dry out and also dissolve their external shell when used directly.

However, you shouldn’t intend bed bugs to die if castle come in contact with dried jaw Sol. If you want to use Pine solar to death all the beg bugs in her home, you need to be ready to spray pine Sol on individual beg bugs the you see. We recommend a daily spray of jaw Sol in areas where you an alert that bed bugs hide if you desire to acquire a confident result.

How go Pine Sol death Bed Bugs

Pine Sol kills beg bugs by drying out their skin. Pine tree Sol has this ability due come the alcohol that contains. Pine oil, a major ingredient in pine tree Sol includes terrapin alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is likewise one of the ingredient in pine tree Sol.

Both terrapin alcohol and isopropyl alcohol are volatile, i m sorry is why pine tree Sol dries the end bed bugs.

Whenever jaw Sol come in contact with bed bugs, it will certainly dissolve their external cells and thereafter evaporate quickly. Because Pine Sol has to dissolve external cells in bespeak to kill bed bugs, dried jaw Sol won’t death beg bugs.

How to use Pine Sol as a Beg bug Repellent

Bed bugs detest the strong smell of jaw Sol. Consequently, bed bugs will flee if you spray jaw Sol ~ above surfaces whereby they occupy. Kindly follow the instructions here to use Pine Sol together a bed bug repellent. Make certain you stay hand gloves prior to you lug out the instructions below.

The items friend need encompass

empty spray party measuring cup bowl spatula party of pine tree Sol, and tiny quantity that water.

Once friend have obtained all this items, girlfriend should add 1/4 cup of pine Sol and 2 cup of water right into a bowl. Usage a spatula to stir the mixture thoroughly.

You need to pour the mixture into an north spray bottle after you have actually stirred it thoroughly.

Thereafter, you must spread her mattress, bed sheet, pillow covers, and also blanket outside. Spray the mixture of pine tree Sol and also water onto lock thoroughly. Don’t hesitate to usage plenty that mixture on both sides of the mattress.

Once you have actually sprayed the mattress, bed sheet, pillow covers, and also blanket, you need to allow lock to dried outside before you take them inside. Every bed bugs that are hiding within these materials will flee if these materials are drying, so if girlfriend return them to the room too quickly, the bed bugs will certainly flee from these materials and hide in various other parts of her room.

We recommend that you spray the mixture of pine tree Sol and also water likewise on the items of furniture in her room. It would be finest if you move those items of furniture outside prior to you spray them.

However, if you can’t move them outside, you deserve to spray them inside, but you must watch the end for bed bugs together they flee. Spray the mixture onto every bed bugs you view fleeing to protect against them from moving to other locations of her room.

Don’t freed cracks from spraying since bed bugs like to hide over there also. When you have sprayed every the necessary locations in her room, you must wash the bed sheet, pillow covers, and blanket prior to returning them to the room.

Pine Sol for Bed pest Bites

Some people think that jaw Sol can relieve bed pest bites, yet no research study has confirmed such belief to be true. Although pine Sol has the ability to disinfect bed pest bites, that is as well harsh for human skin even when the is appropriately diluted.

Pine solar doesn’t assist with bed pest bites.

The pine tree oil in jaw Sol can reason skin irritation once it touch the skin. This single reason is enough to stop people from using Pine Sol come bed bug bites.

If you use Pine Sol directly to your skin while aiming come disinfect the bites, you may finish up causing an ext harm to her skin. To prevent skin irritation, you have to use soft soap and also warm water for bed bug bites instead of pine tree Sol.

While we don’t introduce Pine Sol as a treatment for bed an insect bites, us recommend it as a repellent for staying clear of bed bug bites. As soon as in a while, you need to follow the instructions us mentioned earlier to usage Pine Sol together a bed an insect repellent.

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Feel free to use Pine solar to areas close to your bed to protect against bed an insect bites. Just ensure friend wash your bed sheet and also pillow consist of if you apply Pine Sol top top them.