Difference in between Real Image and Virtual image

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An optical photo is the reproduction of things through a lens which outcomes through the reflection, refraction or diffraction of irradiate rays. A lens is an object, the transparent nature, that bends the rays of light. A lens can be of two types, concave or convex. The lens in turn produce images. There space two species of images, produced by lens, virtual and also real. While comparable in some respects, virtual and real photos seem to it is in polar opposites. They are produced when light ray of light behave in an the opposite manner, through lenses v opposite characteristics.

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Real Image


A real image is identified as one that is created when beam of light are directed in a fixed point. A actual image can be projected or watched on a screen. The best example the a real image is the one formed on a cinema screen.


Real photos are produced when beam of light are converged by a convex lens also known as converging lens. The photo is created on the right-hand next of the lens.

Lens Description:

A convex lens, also known as a hopeful lens, is explained as having thin edges and also a thick middle surface. When rays of light pass v this lens the refracted beam of light, converge at one single point which is called a major or focal distance point.


A real picture is constantly inverted.

Virtual Image


A virtual picture is identified as the contrary of a genuine image, therefore picture that cannot be acquired on a display is referred to as a online image. The explanation for this is the reality that the light ray of irradiate that kind a virtual photo never converge as such a virtual image have the right to never be projected onto a screen. The finest example of a virtual image is your reflection in the mirror.


A virtual picture is produced when beam of irradiate diverge native a concave lens. A virtual photo is formed on the left-hand next of the lens.

Lens description:

As expected, a concave lens has actually opposite characteristics to a convex lens. The is additionally known together a negative lens. This lens is thin on the middle surface and also thick top top the external edges. Unequal a convex lens, a concave one will certainly diverge the light ray of light


A virtual photo is always upright.

The differences between Real and Virtual Images

In the world of optics real and virtual images are often defined as opposites.

Real pictures are developed by intersecting beam while virtual images are produced by diverging rays.

Real images can be projected top top a display while online ones cannot.

Real photos are created by two opposite lens, concave and convex.

Virtual photos are constantly upright when real pictures are constantly inverted.

Real pictures Versus digital Images

Real pictures are formed by converging raysVirtual photos are developed by diverging rays
Real images deserve to be projected or watched on a screenVirtual images cannot be watched or projected top top a screen.
Real images are created by a convex lens Virtual pictures are formed by a concave lens
A real photo is constantly invertedA virtual image is always erect

Summary Points

Virtual and real pictures are the two types of photos that deserve to be produced by light v the reflection, refraction or diffraction of rays. In optic physics the two ore often labelled together opposites in their characteristics.

The main difference between the two pictures is that a actual image deserve to be presented or projected top top a display screen while a virtual image cannot. The best example because that this is a cinema display image versus her reflection in the mirror.

The two species of photos are created by 2 different varieties of lens. Real photos are developed by a convex lens and also virtual pictures by a concave lens.

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When a real image is produced the beam of light are converged right into one focal suggest while because that a virtual photo the beam of light space diverged.