The broiler is the best means to cook and heat food from above, yet using that the wrong method could chaos up a enjoy the meal entirely.

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Mistake 3: using the wrong setting or temperature

Upon very first glance, the setups of a broiler seem favor a no-brainer—but it’s usual to usage the not correct setting, which might lead come overcooking or undercooking the food. The high setup of a broiler is supposed for foods items that need rapid heating, choose vegetables. The broiler’s low setup is for foods that take a little an ext time to warm up.

Mistake 4: Failing to usage a broiler-safe dish

Sturdy metal pans, or a simple rimmed paper pan, are optimal when food preparation with a broiler. If you usage something rather (like a glass pan), it could crack or break under the broiler’s heat. Our test Kitchen’s favourite sheet pan is constantly a good bet.

Mistake 5: placing food unevenly

Like when baking anything—like this sheet pan dinners—it’s finest to distribute your foodstuffs evenly come ensure even cooking and also broiling. After all, you don’t desire some food burned and also other food barely kissed by the heat.

Mistake 6: underestimate how quick the broiler works

It might be located in the oven, but broilers work means faster than that. At most, foods are frequently ready after ~ 10 minutes in a broiler.

Mistake 7: Omitting foil

Have you ever tried scrubbing a pan with burnt, caked-on food? that terrible. Rather of make this a reality, line each and also every pan or dish v foil before cooking v a broiler. Forget this step? We’ve obtained a comfortable trick come cleaning also the dirtiest pan.

Mistake 8: food preparation meats that are cut too thick

Broilers aren’t intended to fully cook meat. Rather, they perform a good job of heater them native the outside. Stick with thinner cuts of meats—lean and tender ones space best—when cooking with a broiler. Try your hand at this crispy broiler chicken thighs.

Mistake 9: relying on a broiler to totally cook food

Broilers work best when they’re searing a food’s exterior. Instead of relying top top the broiler to fully cook your meal, chef the ingredients partly that in the stove or ~ above the stove optimal instead. Because that example, this very delicious chicken fajita sheet pan dinner needs you to roasted ingredients an initial and then complete them off through a broil. This is a an excellent strategy come employ!

Mistake 10: forgetting to leave the broiler compartment door open

An overheated oven might possibly bring about the broiler shutting off. If her oven has a broiler through its own separate compartment, cracked this compartment door contempt while your food is cooking will ensure the the oven won’t come to be too overheated. Even if her broiler is situated at the optimal of your oven, you can still leave the cooktop door slightly ajar because that the very same reason.

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