If you’re confused around those new twin white lines alongside the carpool lane in California, you space not alone.

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People know Not to overcome Over dual Yellow Lines, yet What About twin White Lines?

Most people plainly understand that it is illegal to cross over twin yellow lines every California vehicle Code ar 21460 (a): “If dual parallel heavy yellow lines are in place, a human driving a car shall no drive to the left the the lines, except as permitted in this section.” One exception would be if you space “turning to the left at an intersection or right into or out of a driveway or personal road…” (California car Code section 21460 (d)(1)) however the new white present have people confused. So have the right to you cross end the white lines?

No, You can not Legally Cross over the double White Lines

California auto Code section 21460 (b) provides it clear that you can not cross end the dual white lines. (b) If twin parallel solid white lines room in place, a person driving a car shall no cross any part of those twin solid white lines, except as permitted in this ar or ar 21655.8. California auto Code ar 21655.8 states: (a) other than as required under subdivision (b), when exclusive or preferential use lanes because that high-occupancy vehicles are developed pursuant to ar 21655.5 and double parallel heavy lines room in location to the best thereof, no person driving a vehicle may cross over these dual lines to go into into or exit from the to exclude, or preferential use lanes, and also entrance or exit may it is in made only in areas designated because that these functions or whereby a solitary broken heat is in location to the best of the to exclude, or preferential usage lanes.

You deserve to Only Cross end the double White Lines when An Emergency vehicle Is Coming

(b) top top the approach of an authorized emergency vehicle displaying a red light or siren, as specified in ar 21806, a human driving a vehicle in an exclusive or preferential use lane shall leave that lane automatically upon determining that the departure can be accomplished with reasonable safety

So Why did The California department of transportation Make the change to White?


Many carpool or HOV lanes had twin yellow present painted alongside them to do it clear the no one should go into or exit the carpool lane. Cal Trans started making the adjust back in 2010 in order to comply with the federal hand-operated on Uniform Traffic regulate Devices (MUTCD).

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The adjust is obviously still happening and also I imagine it will certainly be an continuous project because that years come come.

MUTCD HOV roadway Markings so make sure that you enter and also exit the carpool lane where there are damaged white lines and also you’ll save yourself from break the law and also hopefully save yourself safe. Learn More: