The fact that this is possible is a problem. It makes food lot less important in survival. Hardcore eliminates this problem, yet it also method that you won't be able to come back from an really death. We require a much better solution. Ideas?


Isn't there a lose in exp?

Or would certainly be a penalty as some kind be ok prefer some rpgs have? You have actually a an adverse effect for part minutes. An result that would be acceptable together penalty because that a normal death also like small amount of sluggish mining

i know it's type of a shitty idea yet maybe among you guy can make something of it.

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Also by the town hall the sad score i'm beginning to think the title deserve to be missunderstood ... I couldn't define it otherwise.

Yes, you just drop ½ her XP after ~ dying, the rest disappears! for this reason I believe death is correctly punished native the view of gameplay. I don't recognize of any type of Minecraft players though, who technique Minecraft exclusively as a video game rather than a mix of a game and also a device for do narratives. For narrative and immersion, fatality in itself is a destructive punishment, because it breaks it utterly. So death is severely punished.

The most straightforward solution would be to respawn with the very same amount of hunger the you had actually when you died (except dice from starvation, which would certainly refill your hunger bar). This would certainly make it so the is no get or lose to dice hungry, balancing normal deaths matches intentional deaths. Dice from famine to refill it can be a problem, yet I would certainly personally rather discover food 보다 hop about for 5 minutes.

Perhaps, in normal and also hard, girlfriend don't come ago with complete food points. Or maybe it might be regarded how frequently you have died recently.

Honestly though, ns don't think a full hunger bar large long enough for dying to be worth the effort. You'd constantly it is in walking ago to where you died just because that a couple of minutes of no starving prior to you need to die again. You're also not walk to have the ability to cave or get far into the game. Actually obtaining food is lot easier.

The only time ns really watch killing yourself for hunger gift an benefit is when you get a bad spawn and also start starving prior to finding any type of food (E.G: small island spawn, or surrounding by desert). That's not really the time when you desire to be kicking the player in the face for dying.

The punish in starving to fatality is the moment before when you can not sprint, no the fatality actually.

but it leaves you very weak(1 wellness point), do the punish is a an extremely likely death in addition to no sprinting.

Is this really that usual of a problem? Killing you yourself just method the inconvenience of having actually to walk back from your spawn allude and shedding xp you've collected. There's a really limited set of scenarios where the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

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Also, the reason you execute spawn through a little bit of hunger is come avoid acquiring spawn-killed, right?

Well, what if her spawnpoint was totally random. This would certainly of course be controled through a gamerule, yet would default to something prefer 200, or something choose that (this gamerule is an creature value, no a boolean.). The gamerule would control how large of a radius you might randomly spawn in. Soawnpoints would favor being away from the human that died's bed, away from various other players, far from chunks the there have actually been players in because that a really lengthy time (yes, ns do believe that is now being tracked. Its for civilization generation in old people when new versions are being installed.) and would no be in a closed area. The spawnpoint would certainly alwaysbe linked via air and non collidable block to an air block which deserve to see the sky directly, and would aldo prefer greater sky lightlevels.