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So, we just got ago Romy"s allergy test and apparently he"s allergic to Chicken, corn, oats and also fish. He"s borderline ~ above Beef.I have been transitioning Romy to NB Bison and Sweet potato and am now confused as to whether I should stop the Bison and also opt because that something else. The Vet seems to think the beef and also Bison are similar however, i did some study on mine own and also found the some execute not agree. Now, I"m entirely confused! I definitely do not want to store feeding him Bison if it could hurt that so ns need any type of advice I have the right to get! many thanks in advance.

Bison is a fully different species than cattle. Ns would absolutely be searching for a brand-new vet if they didn"t recognize that.If you room worried about your pup gift allergic to bison/buffalo too I"d test because that that. It"s unlikely considering that is still a novel protein in dog foods.
I know, right??? i kinda determined he had actually no reservation so ns was quiet about it. As quickly as I gained home ns did my own research. I recognize I would probably gain a far better answer below when that told me he thought Bison to it is in under the same classification as beef. Many thanks for the fast reply. Ns will definitely stick with the Bison

I don"t suppose my vet to understand much about nutrition. If the vet is functioning out otherwise, and if you have a an excellent working partnership with them, as lengthy as you understand what you room doing nutritionally, that"s what matters.Btw, different varieties can still cross-react, somewhere I have a post about beef, venison and also lamb cross-reacting, and your vet may have been thinking about something favor that.

Yeah, i think the if there is a beef allergy, it is common to have other "hot" red meat allergies as well.A lot go hand in hand....if over there is a chicken allergy there can be a turkey allergy or duck allergy, etc.But it"s a little bit of a crap shoot uneven you test because that it. Her vet could be wrong or could be right. I"m assuming due to the fact that you"re asking bison wasn"t component of the test?
No, ns didn"t precisely ask for Bison however then ns didn"t ask about any particular food group. The Vet just ran that , and he said that it would certainly tell us all that he is allergy to.

I have actually been wonder the specific same thing! i am suspecting a beef allergy (among various other things) for among my dogs. The other non-allergy dog is eating the NB Sweet Potato & Bison, with an excellent results. I am hoping that after the said 12 mainly on Rx food, ns can shift her (the allergy dog) to the NB Bison. Ns am worried about the Bison resulting in her allergies to flare up.

I don"t think the Duck, is thought about "closely related" to the chicken, turkey (poultry) allergies?.......I can"t remember whereby exactly, I read the article..?..sorry?!It mentions something about the Duck"s meat gift a thicker, an ext oiled, "dark" meat......unlike the (meat) of the chicken & turkey....etc...etc....ALSO pointed out something the same around "Pheasant"...because it"s a wild bird....meat is different?!AGAIN...sorry....can"t remember whereby I check out it?..I don"t have actually too much experience with "allergy" problems.....wish I might be of an ext assistance.
Oh...forgot!!Ostrich is an alleged to be the following "allergy free" food.....looks favor red meat, tastes like a "red" meat.....but not exactly a "red"/beef type meat.....But ns haven"t watched Ostrich together a protein source for pet food yet?Anyone use steed meat? food provided to also be do with equine meat.....back in the day.Just part info.....
My friend"s gsd is allergy to bison yet is fine v beef. I recognize of one more dog that is allergic to beef however is fine v bison. Therefore in my (limited) experience dogs perform respond in different way to them.
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Oh...forgot!!Ostrich is an alleged to be the following "allergy free" food.....looks favor red meat, tastes choose a "red" meat.....but not exactly a "red"/beef form meat.....But ns haven"t viewed Ostrich as a protein source for pet food yet?Anyone use equine meat? food supplied to additionally be do with horse meat.....back in the day.Just part info.....

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There is one Ostrich farm literally three miles from mine house...I have never"s an ext of a tourist trap...maybe I will certainly pay lock a visit. Ns am sure they offer meat, I know they offer eggs.
I referred to as NB and asked them around whether Bison and also Beef are thought about the same. This is what she said:Natural balance.MsgBody-text, .MsgBody-text * font: 10pt monospace; Thank you for contacting organic Balance pet Foods. If her dog has an allergy come beef, i recommend make the efforts a different restricted Ingredient Diet first. These incorporate the Sweet Potato & Fish, Sweet Potato & Venison, Sweet Potato & Chicken, Potato & Duck, or the Lamb & Brown Rice formula. Both beef and bison room in the very same family, hence their protein profiles are similar. If your dog is borderline allergy to beef, you might certainly try the Sweet Potato & Bison formula. Please save in mind the it might vary escape from dog to dog, just how they can respond to a brand-new formula. Once switching brands, we generally recommend a 5-7 work switch over period, and also it might take approximately 4-6 weeks because that a dog to be totally regulated on a brand-new food. Have actually a an excellent day!Sincerely,Kristi Choy, B.S.Manager, client ServiceAnimal NutritionNatural Balance pet Foods, Inc. SO, my Vet to be kinda right and now i feel dumb ns guess what he was trying come tell me was the they were in the very same family. So, with that said, I will be act the Venison. Poor Romy....