“I reduced the middle fingernail of the middlefingerright handreal shortand I began rubbing along her cuntas she satellite upright in bedspreading scent over she armsfaceand breastsafter bathing.”– one excerpt indigenous “Like A Flower In The Rain,” through Charles Bukowski

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I to be looking at someone’s nails. A nameless girl, no doubt a scenester in new York City. Her nails were long – favor really lengthy – and pointy, an extremely very pointy. Castle looked choose daggers – other than fake daggers, press-on daggers…but daggers nonetheless. And also while looking in ~ them, i was plagued by an unrelenting concern. Was I lacking something? How, in the name of Sasha Grey, walk this girl masturbate?

Seriously though. One time a porn star permit me in on part insider secrets and the an initial thing she said me to be that females in the sector HATE it as soon as women they’re working with have long nails. Reportedly women who do lesbian scenes, but don’t reduced their nails, are well known for no being genuine lesbians. Because to be a lesbian is to be mindful of and also sensitive to the woman body, and to hence know that no mrs likes something remotely sharp being shoved up her V hole.

So okay ask this again: how do friend girls with the long-ass pointy fingernails also masturbate?

I’m guessing the answer come this is that they don’t; the they forgo fingering themselves to rather sport claws and also nail art. It’s an weird decision, but also an unsurprising one in the life of an anti-normcore.

For those who haven’t check out the now-viral post on The Cut, “Normcore: Fashion for Those who Realize lock One in 7 Billion,” normcore is the pervasive NYC tendency of wearing mother jeans and Nike sweaters; of Patagonia zip-up fleeces and Birkenstocks; of monitor pants and sweatshirts. It exist in downtown brand-new York City, and also is materialized in Jerry Seinfeld-looking dudes that are right into Dis Magazine and probably sculpt. Together Jeremy Lewis, the founder and also editor that Garmento, put it, that “the idea the one doesn’t require their garments to do a statement.” Of food there are the downtown staples who are genuinely interested in fashion and the quality of a garment, who have depth and also other interests – choose boxing, photography, or grander life-changing ambitions – yet as The cut lamented, there are also hordes of civilization who make a “huge initiative with their clothing,” and are oblivious come the idea of “letting go of the must look distinctive, to do time for something new.”

As observers, we deserve to sit here and lament all us want, however it’s really these human being – the persons making a “huge effort” – who experience in the end. The irony is that, if The cut describes normcore’s aesthetic together “flat,” it’s really the anti-normcore aesthetic it is truly and also inherently flat.

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The anti-normcore space the world who, as Lewis explains, “use fashion as a means to buy quite than uncover an identity.” their attitude, if friend think around it, is virtually robotic. Which i guess answers mine initial question…because, robots don’t obtain horny, right?