How do you dispose of your condoms after use? do you litter them in the garbage or flush them under the toilet? 

Men and women are advised to wear prophylactics when having unprotected intimacy for pleasure (with to interest of getting pregnant). Using condoms can also protect one from having STDs (Sexually transmitted Diseases). However, abstinence is the best method to avoid unwanted pregnancy and STDs. 

So, condoms (male and female condoms) are an essential devices. But then, just how you dispose of every of your prophylactics after usage matters a good deal. Is it safe to flush condoms down the toilet? proceed reading for an ext information on exactly how to dispose of your used condoms.

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Can you Flush condoms Down the Toilet?

The basic answer is NO. You shouldn’t. It’s common to want to dispose the a condom quickly after intercourse through your partner. But the many honorable method or ar to dispose the a offered condom is no flushing it down your toilet. 

The toilets work-related under the very same principles, even if it is you’re in a hotel or your own house. So, even if you in a hotel, girlfriend still have to be responsible and also not throw your used prophylactics down the toilet. 

If you do the washing up your supplied condom under the toilet rather of doing so the best way, keep in mind that someone rather may have to dispose the it because that you one day, probably not this year, however someday. Now, imagine just how disgusting that would certainly be.

You may need to hire a plumber to occupational on your toilet due to the fact that sooner or later, the used condoms will clog the toilet. And as such, it can be daunting to flush down various other items after ~ use.

No offense, but if you have actually the time to wear a condom, friend should also have the time to litter it away adequately after ~ use. Over there are many ways to litter used prophylactics away, and also one of lock is no by flushing them down the toilet. 

You should also not store your prophylactics after use. Ensure you dispose that them instantly after use. Again, save in mind the male and female prophylactics are disposed that the same way. And also they are created by the same non-biodegradable materials, though countless companies have actually started developing biodegradable ones.

Since prophylactics are non-biodegradable, lock will only pile up in your sewer once flushed down the toilet. And also the worst component is they won’t sink to the ground. Once the sewer is finally cleared to the sea, you would find these condoms on optimal the water. Now, imagine exactly how disgusting this is.

So, if you have actually been flushing condoms down the toilet after ~ use, you have to put a stop to it. 

Is it safe to Flush condoms Down the Toilet?

No, it’s no safe. If you in the habit the flushing condoms down the toilet, please protect against doing that immediately. 

One of the reasons human being dispose of used condoms in the restroom is since of the discreteness. But if you may think nobody would uncover out, keep in mind the they will certainly somehow. 

So, why is it unsafe to flush prophylactics down the toilet? 

1. You endangering aquatic animals

Although many companies have started developing biodegradable condoms, many are still not biodegradable. And also being non-biodegradable median the condoms won’t decompose because that a long while, most likely thousands that years. 

Many latex condoms on the industry come created with additives that renders breaking castle down much harder. Polyurethane is an additional material provided for condom production, and it is non-biodegradable.

What makes prophylactics dangerous to our environment, together you deserve to see, is not how often we usage them. It’s more about exactly how we dispose of them after use. Millions of prophylactics are marketed in the United claims yearly. According to a statistical report, end 450 million condoms are offered in the United claims of America every year. 

Imagine having actually such a massive amount of condoms being offered to the masses, with an ext than half the number disposed the inappropriately. Having actually such an huge amount that non-biodegradable products released into the atmosphere isn’t for sure in any way.

Another factor flushing prophylactics down the restroom is unsafe is that toilets end up in the sea. And because prophylactics are non-biodegradable, they may remain in our waters for plenty of years or to wash offshore. Aquatic animals may additionally choose to eat them as food, an activity that could endanger your lives. 

You should likewise know that many fishes this day come packed with heavy metals and also microplastics as result of how we dispose of this non-biodegradables. So, we’re not only endangering aquatic life yet ourselves because these fishes would end up in our stomachs. You won’t have actually the time to inspect if the fish she consuming has actually these microplastics or hefty metals.

You seriously would certainly cringe in ~ the website of a offered condom. And it’s even worse when the totality family is out on a picnic and also comes across used prophylactics washed offshore. You must be a genius come convince children of these days that the item isn’t a condom however a balloon.

2. Your children could coincidentally find and also play v them

Kids love balloons and wouldn’t rubbish time to gain one inflated through air, irrespective of the source. And condoms are as with balloons. Through air blown into a condom, that will become inflated choose a balloon. 

So, how can a provided condom become unsafe because that kids? 

A supplied condom can end up being unsafe for youngsters when it’s no disposed of properly. If, together a parent, you’re about when your children find a offered condom by the side of the house, then you’ll have the ability to convince them not to play through it. 

3. Clogging her plumbing

You may have actually been dumping prophylactics down the toilet and also going scot-free. However keep in mind the a time would certainly come as soon as you won’t have the ability to flush your toilet properly as result of blockage indigenous dumped condoms. 

Many prophylactics are produced with latex and also other products that do it hard for castle to rest down. Therefore, the used condoms you store flushing down your toilet will save piling in her plumbing.

Condoms are among the couple of items that can clog your plumping. And also getting a plumber to fix such a mess can be costly. The will additionally be shameful for the plumber to discover that used condoms are the reason your toilet can’t flush properly. 

So, store in mental that as you continue to flush used prophylactics down your toilet, even when you recognize the best way to dispose that them, who is walk to it is in responsible because that dumping lock the right. It will ultimately happen, sooner or later.

What happens if you Flush prophylactics Down the Toilet?

When you flush condoms, that will kind what is termed ‘fatbergs.’ The fatbergs is an industry terminology provided to describe a congealed lump of waste friend will uncover stuck in the sewer system. And when this happens, workers would need to remove the congealed condoms manually. 

The condoms you continuously flush under your toilet may likewise clog your plumbing one day. When this happens, then you must hire a plumber or apply some DIY skills to unclog it.

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How to Unclog the toilet if it gets Clogged by Condoms?

Is your toilet clogged due to the flushing that used prophylactics or various other materials? The tragic thing about clogged toilets is the the event may happen at an unanticipated time.

 But if you understand your means around, you won’t be impacted by it. Below are ways you have the right to unclog your toilet through yourself. 

1. Drain cleaner technique

You would need the adhering to for this restroom unclogging technique. 

Vinegar (apple cider vinegar or white vinegar)Baking sodaWater (half a gallon) 

Start by putting the water into the cookware and boiling it. Currently pour in your baking soda and also vinegar. Give the mixture at least 2 minutes or an ext to boil and turn the range off. 

Your following step must be to to water the drainpipe cleaner you simply made into the restroom bowl and also leave that overnight. Flush the toilet in the morning and start using. 

Note: Adding vinegar and also baking soda would create a powerful chemical that deserve to dissolve rubbish blocking your toilet. 

2. Making use of a plunger

You may need to purchase a plunger for this technique. And also remember to gain a high-grade plunger for this. Such plungers typically boast a more thickness rubber cap at the finish part. 

Place the plunger in the pot. For sure the feet at the pot’s finish is covered, and continue pulling and also pushing water within and also outside the hole.

You should shot this procedure ten to fifteen times, come unclog her toilet. After that, flush and also start utilizing the restroom again. 

3. Using a plumbing snake

You just require one item for this process, and that is the plumbing snake. This an equipment boasts a functional wire, i beg your pardon is long sufficient to go deep right into your toilet and remove every little thing is prevent it. 

Here’s how to use a pipes snake. 

Insert the pipes snake entirely into the hole. Currently start relocating the wire up and also down and also in a circular motion. Repeat this because that fifteen come twenty minutes. The pipes snake would certainly either rest up the waste that’s clogging her toilet or push them down the sewer. As soon as you’re done, flush the toilet, and also you’re an excellent to go. 

Note: If girlfriend don’t have actually a pipes snake and can’t gain one from your neighbors to use, you deserve to make your very own using a cable coat hanger. 

4. Making use of dishwater detergent

See the five things girlfriend would require to obtain use this toilet unclogging technique.

WaterDetergentBowl Heat source (stove)Cookware (cooking pot or kettle)

To usage this technique, to water a few cups of water into the cookware. The kettle or pot should be practically filled. To water in your detergent and also pour the water into your restroom (after enabling it to boil for some minutes). Permit the toilet continue to be unused overnight. You have the right to flush and also start utilizing it in the morning.

Ways to Dispose of used Condoms

Properly disposing of a condom after use won’t take more than 10 seconds. You have to wrap the condom in a tissue, old newspaper, or file bag and throw it in the bin. That’s it!

Know that latex condoms stand a much better chance of degrading lot quicker and adequately ~ above land. So, also if the condoms you threw in the bin end up in landfill, there would be no cause for alarm.

You can additionally use incineration. There room two varieties of incineration techniques based upon the temperature used. The high-temperature incineration varieties from 1100 come 1400 degrees centigrade, if the 2nd is the tool temperature incineration (750 to 900 degrees centigrade). 

This incineration process involves burn the used condom in an incinerator. The an equipment has filter to eliminate toxic gasses, including smaller particles. 


Condoms are items us should always dispose of very closely after use. Never ever flush a condom under the toilet. It’s not safe for you and our environment. 

We hope you learned a point or two about disposing of supplied condoms. So, begin doing the best thing if friend aren’t currently doing so. 





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