Everyone loves cacao chip cookies, and also sometimes, your craving compels friend to take the easy method out, which is microwaving your cookie dough rather of putting it in the oven. 

So deserve to you microwave cookie dough? The answer, unfortunately, is NO. The cookie dough won’t turn brown if girlfriend microwave it, and also all you would likely finish up with is curdled cookie dough.

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Although there room some magazines and also recipes the don’t prevent you native microwaving, if you’re trying to find that crunchy cookie from her mother’s recipe book, you’re more than likely going to it is in disappointed.


One the the main reasons you shouldn’t microwave cookies is that microwaves aren’t created baking. The air in ~ the microwave doesn’t usually obtain hot enough.


Microwaves generally work by heater the inside of the food quite than the outside.


When you’re thinking about baking a cookie, you naturally need the street on the outside of the dough to heat and caramelize, which offers it a crunchy texture.


Also, microwaves are known to warm some ingredient much faster than the others- such as sugars, which way that these ingredients stay hot while the rather don’t chef as quickly, degrading the structure of the finished cookie.


Alternatives come Microwaving her Cookie:

If girlfriend feel like the entire process of baking your cookie dough is as well rigorous and lengthy, then making use of a toaster range is the next best thing. Getting quality cookie from her toaster cooktop is probably a better option 보다 microwaving them.


Here’s what you should think about when utilizing a toaster oven:

· First, set the temperature because that the toaster stove as the very same as your continual oven.

· If your cookie baked slowly, that probably way your toaster cooktop wasn’t hot enough

· If your cookie finished faster than you expected or didn’t spread out the means you chosen them, that method your toaster was also hot.

· If your cookies turned dark too easily at the edges, that way reduce the dimension of your cookies and put them in the middle.

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A toaster cooktop is a perfectly an excellent alternative to making cookies for one or two. If girlfriend feel choose your cookie dough craving will be as well strong, then it’s probably a an excellent idea to store your dough in the fridge or the freezer for when the yearn strikes.


Keeping cookies in the refrigerator enhances the high quality of the cookies. Over there are several small-batch recipes the you have the right to find, which can work far better in the toaster oven.