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I just applied my 2nd coat that polyurethane on mine bar top however still require several coats to produce a level surface. Is it possible I can pour Parks at sight Glaze Epoxy end the polyurethane? If so, will certainly masking tape approximately the edges stop the epoxy from to run down? will I still have the "glossy" appearance?
It would certainly be much better if the epoxy were offered on bare wood yet it should work end the polyurethane. It would be best to roughen the poly through some 100x sandpaper prior to using the epoxy. It would make a far better bond. I"m not sure what girlfriend mean around the epoxy running down. You don"t want the epoxy on the edge of the top as well? If not you can hold the complete to the height with masking tape. It need to come out lot glossier than it was with the poly.


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