So you have some paintball devices you desire to get rid of, and also you’re no sure how or where. Yet if you have actually bought or sold anything ~ above eBay, you can wonder if it’s feasible to offer paintball firearms on eBay?You can sell paintball devices on eBay since the site adheres to the ATFs definition of a firearm. Setting up an account is easy, and eBay guarantee you will get payment. However, eBay has actually high fees, for this reason Craigslist and also Paintball forums space two other possibilities for selling paintball guns.

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Let’s walk you v what you can sell ~ above eBay and also how to go about it. Friend will also learn around a few other choices for marketing paintball guns and also one big site that does not permit paintball sales.
What Is eBay’s policy on Weapons and Firearms?What Is eBay’s Policy?Do people Sell Paintball Guns and also Equipment on eBay?Is It basic To market on eBay?Are There choices to eBay?CraigslistEtsyFacebookOnline Paintball ForumsBottom LineRelated Articles

What Is eBay’s policy on Weapons and also Firearms?

To understand why you have the right to sell paintball guns and also equipment ~ above eBay, you have to know exactly how a paintball is classified—as a weapon, a gun, or a firearm.According come the ATF, a paintball is no a firearm. To be classified together such, a “gun” would need to fire a projectile (in this case, the paintballs) via an explosive. A paintball is fired by a burst of a gas, such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Note: The AFT renders an exception about paintball guns—if you eliminate a ported barrel from a paintball marker, the barrel looks comparable and reduces sound favor a silencer. The AFT walk not consider the barrel a firearm unless it has actually been cut from the marker. At that point, that concludes the removing the barrel shows a feasible intention to usage it as a silencer.
Use eBay’s search feature and you will find numerous hits under paintball weapons or paintball markers. Unequal on Facebook, top top eBay that is totally fine to offer paintball guns. If girlfriend look long sufficient you deserve to even find some that the many accurate paintball firearms for the portion of a price.

What Is eBay’s Policy?

Here’s eBay’s policy on weapons:“Firearms room not allowed. Listings for enabled firearm parts and accessories have to follow strict guidelines.”According to eBay’s policy, if a paintball gun to be a firearm, it can not be offered on the platform. However your marker no one, so according to their policy statement, you should be able to sell her paintball equipment. eBay states that federal and state legislations prohibit the revenue of firearms. However, they execute allow details firearm parts, including firing pins, cylinders, and trigger assemblies. Also, firearm ammunition and also parts for attack weapons are prohibited.

Do civilization Sell Paintball Guns and also Equipment ~ above eBay?

Two type of paintball guns and accessories sales take place on the site: store and also individual. A save is one authorized dealer the sells one or more brands. Zephyrsports, because that example, sell Tippmann products, Azodin guns, and also HP military accessories. Most of their assets are either new or closeouts, and also they offer cost-free shipping.Individuals also sell paintball equipment. Use the search function and type in paintball. Not just will you acquire results because that paintball guns, yet paintball markers, paintball gun packages, and also a organize of other results will certainly be displayed.

Is It easy To sell on eBay?

You determine how easy that is to sell on eBay, based upon how lot you arrangement to sell and whether that a one-time sale or something girlfriend think you might want to perform repeatedly. Lot of the advice you will find on the net seems aligned toward human being who want to make repeated sales and also use eBay as a side hustle.This short article assumes that you have actually a paintball gun and also a couple of accessories, like a mask, to sell.Create an account and also username. If you have actually not offered eBay before, her username is constantly visible, and also you room not forced to use your complete name as your username.Link her PayPal account. EBay requires that you have one to get payments, and also there’s no method around it. The an excellent news: if friend don’t have actually an account, the site makes it straightforward to create one in minutes.Decide on her profile details. It’s approximately you come decide just how much time you desire to spend on this. You might want to invest a few minutes exploring profiles that other human being selling paintball equipment. Setup up a profile have the right to be as an easy as adding a picture of yourself and including a few words around yourself, yet it can not be necessary. Create the listing. You will see a Sell link on the top left. Click on it, and eBay will overview you with the steps. It will certainly make referrals for any kind of choices, consisting of what to speak to it, the to buy format, pricing, and also shipping. Upload part pictures. You most likely don’t need experienced photos, yet maybe miscellaneous a little more presentable than your paintball gun on one unmade bed. Take a couple of decent photos with her camera, edit if you need to, and also upload them. Warning: part eBay features come with a price tag, such together Gallery Plus.When you decision on the price, friend should include what eBay call the “final worth fee,” i m sorry is right now 14.35% the the complete price. List her gun for $100, and you will get eighty-five dollars and change.Setting up an account and also listing your items need to not take you more than one hour. Setting a bidding deadline can be a good idea for this reason you obtain a feel for if there will be any interest. So, yes, it is straightforward to offer on eBay. But it might be too expensive.
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Are There options to eBay?

Some sellers uncover eBay’s fees high and therefore don’t also bother selling on the site. Stop look at part alternatives.


Craigslist has comparable prohibitions to eBay—no firearms, guns, or components, consisting of pellet, stun, and spear guns. Ammunition, fireworks, and explosives are also prohibited. Yet there no a details mention the paintball guns, so you can assume you have the right to sell lock on the site.Paintball devices is easy to discover on Craigslist. If nothing shows up in a search the very first time, widen the street from her zip and shot different search words, favor “paintball” or “paintball marker.”Selling ~ above Craigslist is much less complicated than top top eBay. You execute not need to set up one account, and posting things is basic and straightforward.Follow the on-screen prompts, include pictures, and then click on “publish.” friend will get a check email. Open up it, click the link to i have announced the post, and the item will be top top the site.You could need this email, so nothing trash it.


Believe the or not, Etsy does not have a policy against the sale of paintball guns and also equipment. The website prohibits the sale of guns, firearms, silencers, and ammunition. Realistic-looking imitation firearms are likewise forbidden.However, unrealistic imitation firearms, such together toy guns, airsoft guns, and non-operational guns used because that fantasy and cosplay, are allowed.Setting increase an Etsy store will take around the exact same amount of time together eBay, and also you execute not require a ton of assets in her Etsy store. Also, Etsy charges a much reduced 5% transaction fee.All of that is good, yet selling paintball tools on the website does not make much sense because who looks for it on Etsy?


Facebook Marketplace would certainly be a good place to offer your paintball firearms if just you could. However, facebook does no allow the revenue of paintball markers. The site lists what that considers a firearm, and included in that list are airsoft guns and paintball markers.So go that mean no paintball firearms are being sold through the site? People shot to get about the rule in numerous ways, therefore if you desire to take the risk, girlfriend can uncover articles and also sites the can assist you.However, over there is another method to market your markers that can be easier and give girlfriend a far better chance of gaining top dollar.

Online Paintball Forums

Paintball forums are ideal. The members love paintball, are much more serious around the game, and also are much more likely to provide you height dollar. PbNation forum is just one of the biggest forums, however Paintballforum and also the Reddit paintball community are likewise worth investigating. Although PBNation doesn’t take any kind of fees for sales, they sell a third party trade arrangement. The third party is a middleman who ensures the product is legitimately what the seller claims. There is a small fee linked with this. If a buyer asks to carry out this, friend should probably agree come it, especially if you have not done business on the website before.Paintball Forum’s classifieds space not as active as they provided to be, and also Reddit is no geared toward sales, yet you might be able to ask because that tips on other ways to sell your provided paintball equipment.

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Bottom Line

You can sell Paintball guns on eBay and also Craigslist and also paintball forums. Developing a listing on Craigslist is the easiest, yet you carry out not understand who you space dealing with, and sales are limited by location. Paintball forums room a great choice, but they deserve to be confusing for beginners. EBay listings room safe, and you space not restricted to local sales, however the seller fees are high.

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