The Nile flow is the life blood of Egypt. The is the longest river in the world, flowing over 6,600 kilometres throughout Africa. For thousands of years the has listed a source of watering to revolve the dry, desert landscape right into lush, farming land. Today, it is also a important source of irrigation and also also crucial transportation and trade route, and tourist attraction. 95% the Egyptians live along the banks or within a couple of kilometres that the Nile and it is basic to see exactly how the Egyptians have come to rely so heavily on it. Us loved travelling along the Nile however would no recommend swim in that (like us did) or friend may acquire infected through a parasite dubbed schistosomiasis.

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Spending a day and night cruising on a timeless Egyptian sailboat (a felucca) is a to mark of plenty of Egyptian holidays and it was absolutely a great experience for us as well.

I’ve mutual our entire experience about travelling top top a felucca over on my evaluation of the Egypt Adventure Intrepid tour short article (if you’re interested in reading an ext about it).

There’s no much better way to evaluate the beauty, beauty of the Nile and it’s importance to Egyptians climate by cruising along that on a felucca.

Swimming in the Nile – (Don’t carry out it)

After a couple of hours sailing along the Nile, we pulled as much as the shore for lunch and also then had actually the choice to have actually a swim.

The water was clear and refreshing. Indigenous what we can see it looked clean and also as we were travelling in summer, the water to be so tempting. Half our group made decision to swim (including us).

I checked out my GP prior to this expedition to upgrade my vaccinations and she told me the if we swam in fresh water us would should come and get some tablets afterwards. Dan’s GP told him nothing and one that my ideal friends who took trip to Egypt just prior to us, was likewise not warned the the risks.

Those tablets that mine GP said me about were it transforms out, to treat schistosomiasis. Schistosomiasis is a parasite friend can obtain from swim in numerous fresh water areas in Africa (including the Nile) and also I was unlucky enough to get it.

Isn’t over there Crocodiles in the Nile?

In the past, crocodiles swam the full length of the Egyptian Nile. Due to the construction of the Aswan High Dam in 1960, the bulk of crocodiles are now in the synthetic Lake Nasser, not roaming totally free in the Nile.

So no, you won’t get consumed by a croc if girlfriend swim in the Nile.

How walk I recognize that I had Schistosomiasis?

Schistosomiasis enters your skin once you come into contact with infected water (even just paddling her toes can be sufficient to end up being inflected). Reportedly it is more likely to happen in still 보다 flowing water.

Most people have no symptoms as soon as they are an initial infected, but some develop itchy skin or a rash in ~ a couple of days. I got symptoms pretty easily – the next morning i woke up and was really itchy under one arm and also along mine bra line. For around a week us though the rash to be either swimmer’s itch or a warm rash due to the fact that Egypt to be ridiculously hot and I to be wearing much more conservative clothes than I typically would it is in at home in the heat.

The rash would certainly come and also go end the following week or so as we continued travelling v Egypt and also then ~ above Jordan. We reached Budapest around 10 days later and also Budapest was COLD (it was late September) and also the decision didn’t stop. By then we assumed it was no longer warm rash and from every one of our ‘Dr Googling’ we involved the conclusion that we thought I would be it s okay to wait until we obtained home in a couple of more mainly to gain tested and also treated. I faced it through Budapest, Austria and also Cyprus before we flew residence at the finish of our trip.

The rash was predominately under mine arms, on my arms, legs, stomach, breasts and also back. Very sewing it didn’t spread to my face or mine neck and some work it was barely visible, whereas other days my wellness anxiety was with the roof as result of how influential the rashes was and I had actually irrationally convinced myself that ns was dying.

In enhancement to the rash, I likewise had a general feeling of not being that well and an uncomfortable stomach. It’s difficult to understand if the diarrhea and nausea were pertained to that or whether they were simply from having actually travelled through the Middle eastern for three weeks.

I’d make an appointment through a doctor at my GP practice for the work after we obtained home. Mine rash, of course, to be minimal on the work of my appointment however thankfully I had taken part photos indigenous days once it was bad.

My GP want to perform tests before giving me the antibiotics (whereas Dan’s GP just offered him the antibiotics without doing any kind of tests). I had actually to execute a blood, urine and stool sample and both the blood and stool sample showed schistosomiasis and also the stool sample likewise showed the I had actually picked up a kind of gastroenteritis – Lucky me!

I was given two scripts because that antibiotics and as Praziquantel, the medication because that schistosomiasis needed to be ordered in, ns took the gastro ones an initial to deal with that. Around a week later, the Praziquantel medication come in, and it was 3 doses of 20mg per kg bring away 4 hrs apart.

This medication to be STRONG. Both Dan and also I feel dizzy, nauseous and unwell for around two work on the medication and also both needed time off occupational – however as it to be so strong I think the would have killed any type of of the little snails inside me which ns was very happy about!

Schistosomiasis is the second most widespread tropical an illness in the world, after Malaria. It deserve to be conveniently treated with medication, but can cause long-term health problems when left untreated and also can damages kidneys, liver, bladder and also even gain into the spinal cord and brain just to surname a few.

Many people hold-up treatment because they execute not have any kind of symptoms or the symptoms take a long time to appear. If you have spent time in or near the water in any of the countries where schistosomiasis is prevalent, climate it is worth gaining tested as soon as you get home.

Contact with Intrepid Travel

Once I’d received the outcomes of my tests, ns emailed Intrepid customer connections as I believed they should contact everyone who had actually travelled on the very same tour as us to advise them that they may also want to obtain tested.

I likewise asked if they need to reconsider the info they carry out on their website and also what information the tourism guides administer in regards come encouraging people to swim in the Nile top top the felucca leg of your trips.

I was really impressed by your customer company as castle got back to me quickly and also advised the although the regional operations manager stated that the water whereby the felucca travel is rapid flowing which usually stays clear of parasites (as they are normally more prevalent in quiet water) that they would still be advising all tour leaders the the risks. In addition, lock would update the info on your website to keep in mind the possible risks of swim in the Nile.

Swimming is safe (and encouraged). The section of water between Aswan and Luxor is clean and taking a emboldened is a real highlight.

and replaced it with this:

SWIMMING IN THE NILEYour Felucca Captain my imply swimming in the Nile. Whilst us recognise that our Captains recognize the best and also safest spots to swim, this task is no recommended due to the fact that of the risk of exposure to bacterial and also other infections. Please describe the health risks section that your countries Travel Advisory Service.

I was grateful that Intrepid took my email seriously, and also promptly took actions come ensure the health and also safety of your travellers.

Not lengthy after we had actually been treated, i read about a recent instance where a British traveler had end up being really ill native schistosomiasis and practically died! for this reason in comparison come this, i was yes, really lucky however it is really scary to think about just how bad it could have been.

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Would I execute it again?

No, learning what I do now and having faced the much shorter term side effects of Schistomiasis for around six weeks, ns would definitely not swimming in water wherein there was the hazard of contracting this parasite.

I understand that as soon as you take trip there is a greater chance of gift exposed to various illnesses and health risks (and have had actually my fair share that them end my year of travelling). However, had actually I excellent my research before this pilgrimage then i wouldn’t have swam in the Nile, however hot that was.

If and when we return to Africa and also visit other waterways wherein schistosomiasis is rife, we’ll be certain to book hotels with pools!

Whilst that didn’t damage our trip, it absolutely put a dampener on it as I to be stressed and upset a LOT much more than I commonly am. A rapid dip in the Nile is no worth risking your health over.

DISCLAIMER: We room by no method medical professionals and also this is no intended to be clinical advice. This is just our experience of swimming in the Nile, unfortunately acquiring infected and being treated. Please do not depend upon our suffer or information and also ensure you call your doctor once you return from her trip.