Explore the ocean as a Mermaid during your swimming lesson v a certified lifeguard and also mermaid instructor. Your mermaid overview immerses you into the s habitat wherein you learn all about life as a mermaid, various maritime animals and coral and marine conservation, mermaid mythology and sailors’ tales. Her lesson includes FREE digital web-quality underwater picture too!


Capture her mermaid memories through beautiful web-quality photos of you, your youngsters or the totality family dressed and swimming as mermaids in Hawaii. Imagine the once-in-a-lifetime storage of your family members dressed as vibrant Maui mermaids.

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Become a mermaid with your really own mermaid tail. Come to be the myth and live out a story of Mermaids and Mermen anywhere in the world. Obtain a tail because that the places you love to swim.

We take it our daughter to Hawaii Mermaid adventures because we were trying to find something unique and memorable for she while in Maui. I just have to say the it to be such an impressive experience!!! every little thing was simply perfect! Our small mermaid is already asking to go again next year. I really can’t to speak enough about it and how an excellent and knowledgeable the staff are.

Katrina B.- mountain Luis Obispo, California

Highlight for girls the love mermaids! i surprised mine daughter v a private lesson throughout our stay at Maui and also it to be money fine spent. Lila was impressive at offering educational info about wildlife and creating a mermaid experience for my daughter. She’s quiet talking around it and also wants come go earlier to perform it again. If girlfriend have kids that love mermaids, this is a should memory to produce for them.

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Genek71Walnut Creek, California

My daughter Makena and also my nephew Samantha had the time of their stays with you!! What one amazing and also fun adventure because that them to end up being mermaids and play in the water with their beautiful mermaid tails. The made our trip to Maui even an ext magical than we could have imagined. I extremely recommend purchasing a tail to take it home. I know Makena can’t wait to swim in ours pool v it!! I highly recommend the Mermaid Adventure come everyone that is a mermaid in ~ heart.