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Going come the GameTips and tricks because that your following Fenway experienceTickets for 2011 games are going fast! The Red Sox have actually sold out every residence game due to the fact that May 15, 2003, and also are well on their method to doing it again this year.See the complete scheduleOne-page, printable scheduleTicket prices selection from $12 (upper bleachers) come $135 (field box). Premium locations like the green Monster, Right field Roof, and the brand-new Pavilion Level price more, yet have standing room tickets accessible for $25 come $35. Ticket are available for Red Sox home games now at the RedSox.com Ticket Office. Looking for tickets? view the advice below, and also remember to inspect the Red Sox online Ticket Office frequently as the work of the game approaches. They frequently put additional tickets onsale - consisting of seats with each other - a job or two prior to the game.

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Check the end the Fenway Park seating chart, v views from each section.
Getting TicketsGetting tickets deserve to be the most complicated part that your expedition to Fenway, yet with a little planning, you deserve to make certain you"re there. Fenway Park has actually sold the end over 500 right games due to the fact that May 15, 2003, therefore you"ll want to arrangement ahead. Tickets are traditionally marketed online with the RedSox.com digital Ticket Office according to the following schedule:
4-game Sox Pax and individual April, May, and September games online in mid-DecemberMost remaining games online in so late January or early FebruaryYankee games, environment-friendly Monster, and Right field Roof seat via different email illustrations in MarchThe online sales can be frustrating, so stay patient and flexible. As lengthy as you"re not picky about what job of the week you go or what opponent you check out or whereby your seat are, friend should have the ability to find something. Occasionally it"s taken me over 8 hrs to acquire through the digital Waiting Room online, yet even after the long, it"s still feasible to discover seats. Also if you obtain shut out on the first day the ticket sales, or if you desire to choose up an additional game once the season has started, it"s not too late. Try these tips:During the season, shot calling 877-REDSOX9 and speaking to a live person. The ticket sales people can discover "piggy-back" seats where two or three seats space one behind the other, which don"t display up online. Sometimes added tickets room made obtainable online shortly before each video game - also the night prior to or earlier in the job of the game. Check online regularly at the start of a homestand together the work of the video game approaches. These tickets space purchased online and also picked up in ~ a will certainly Call window near any kind of gate.If every else fails, I additionally know from endure that there space a small number of tickets (sometimes as many as a pair hundred) that go onsale the day of the game, including good seats went back by the football player or the visiting team, plus standing room. (Wait in line outside door E on the job of the game for access to these. This really works! The heat officially develops 5 hours prior to the game, and also tickets are marketed one per human as quickly as the entrances open 2 hours prior to gametime. Check out the Red Sox website for an ext info on day of video game ticket sales.)
The 2011 spring Training schedule is now available. Pitchers and catchers report to fort Myers ~ above February 13. Position players report February 17. Games start on February 26.See the spring training scheduleSpring training ticket prices selection from $10 come $46 every game. Tickets are easily accessible now at RedSox.com.
Getting There
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Directions: Let"s confront it. If girlfriend don"t currently know wherein Fenway Park is, you probably won"t find it. Just ask any brand-new player that tries to uncover the park because that the first time. The official directions, as well as parking info, are printed on the Red Sox site. There room a few rules: First, don"t assume that just because a authorize on the highway says "Fenway Park, next exit" that you will certainly actually view any more signs after you exit. Second, if you do see signs that to speak "Fenway", ignore them; they suggest to "The Fenway", which is a road that doesn"t actually go to the ballpark. (These room tactics we use to save Yankee pan out.) indigenous Storrow Drive, follow signs to Kenmore Square, climate follow the streams of people up the hill and also over the leg to Fenway Park. Of course, there"s very little parking available, and the too many that room there will price $30-40. The best method to gain to the video game is come take advantage of public transportation, and ride the T. If you carry out take the T, take the eco-friendly line to the Kenmore stop (not the one referred to as Fenway - it"s further away) and also walk increase the hill. For information on subway stops and also train schedules, watch the MBTA internet site. Likewise remember that parking meters are totally free on Sundays in the city the Boston, therefore if you have actually a Sunday game, you can gain a clues on the street for complimentary just by getting here a tiny early.
Around Fenway: If you"re trying to find a place to eat and drink before or after the game, inspect out the references at the Boston discovery Guide. If you"re searching for hotels in Boston, check out a map and also reviews top top TripAdvisor. Elsewhere in Boston: when you"re in town, examine out other attractions at Boston.com or the Boston Attraction Guide. Don"t forget to take it a Fenway Park Tour: view my pics and also the main site.Spring Training: For every little thing you need to understand to setup your pilgrimage to spring Training, watch this page.At the GameBatting Practice: You"ll want to experience all over there is come Fenway, for this reason make sure to come early. Gates open 2 hours before the game. On usual days, the Red Sox will be finishing increase batting practice as soon as the gateways open (the home team goes first in B.P.), for this reason go ideal in and take a seat near the Red Sox dugout come watch. (Of course, not every game will have batting practice; if it"s rain or too warm or an afternoon game after i m sorry the team will be heading the end on the road, lock may choose to skip it. Additionally sometimes the visiting team skips and also the Red Sox bat in the later on slot.)
Finding the appropriate row in ~ Fenway deserve to be tricky, however remember these two tips: rows are situated in prior of the step that has their number, and also row numbers are marked on the next of the finish chair. In this picture, the seat v the unpainted slats is heat 5, seat 1.

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Red Sox country Members:
If you have actually a Red Sox country card, you can go into 1/2 hour beforehand (2 1/2 hours before the begin of the game) with Gate C. You"ll be able to go up on the eco-friendly Monster and also watch the Red Sox take it batting practice. (The $15 RSN membership lets you and a guest enter at an early stage for every your gamings all season long, and also you"ll also be default for various other prizes and drawings transparent the year; there"s no need to overspend on their various other gimmicky level of membership.)Food and also Drink: You"re permitted to take a water bottle into the park, as lengthy as it"s quiet sealed. If you"re end 21 and also not plan on drinking, visit the Designated Driver booth inside gate A to acquire a coupon because that a free soda. What to See: after batting exercise is over, you"ll have actually time to walk around. One hour prior to the game, head the end to Yawkey Way, whereby NESN"s pre-game present is often being filmed. If on the street, look at in the windows over the souvenir keep to watch posters hanging that stand for the day"s beginning lineup. Protect against in the souvenir save to uncover Autograph Alley, wherein a former Red Sox player or coach will be signing autographs. Go earlier into the park v Gate A, and look for the booths that offered to be ticket windows in Fenway Park"s at an early stage days. They"re currently display cases housing memorabilia indigenous the Sox" trips to the World series in 1946, 1967, 1975, 1986, 2004, and 2007.If it"s your very first time in ~ Fenway, protect against by the Fan services Booth inside gate D because that a little gift.See if friend can uncover these various other Fenway oddities: original parts of the park marked with plaques, like the 1912 Door, the steel Bridge, and the Copper Tanks; and also the red chair in section 42 that the bleachers, where Ted Williams struggle the longest residence run in Fenway history.Game Etiquette: follow a couple of straightforward guidelines to make sure everyone has actually a an excellent time in ~ the park. Find your seats prior to the video game so you"re not disturbing people in the wrong ar or heat after the game starts. Shot to time your bathroom and also concession trips so you"re getting up in between innings rather of interrupting everybody rather in your heat in the middle of the action. Throw her empty beer cups, mustard-covered warm dog wrappers, and other messy trash under your very own chair, no the chair in front of you, due to the fact that some people stow their bags under their seats. And if that rains, don"t open an umbrella in the stands; head to the concourse if the rain bothers you. Your neighbors thank you!
The snucongo.org Scorecard Book
Don"t leaving for your next video game at Fenway without the new snucongo.org Scorecard Book! published on heavy record and spiral bound, it contains enough scoresheets for 30 games, permitting you to lug it v you every season long, and also providing a irreversible record that the games you"ve attended. Click here for more info or come order her copy.
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