Every year, fashion magazines rehash the age-old debate: “Do we really have to wait until after Memorial Day come wear white?

But actually, despite this is an old-fashioned question, it’s no actually “age-old.” The “no white prior to Memorial work or after labor Day” dominance is stated to have actually originated in the 1930’s when the very wealthy began wearing nothing yet white throughout the summer. This represented recreation (think nation homes and croquet) vice versa, dark color were connected mostly with the functioning class. Though most of our fashion etiquette has actually dissolved, the rule around white has actually been organized loosely however commonly in the south, wherein white is and constantly will be the coolest shade the win the heat!

When my mommy was farming up south of Houston, this dominance was held quite adamantly, together with rules around what come wear to weddings or funerals and an noticeable preoccupation with pantyhose, something that’s almost obsolete in today’s fashion! because that me, however, that goes a bit beyond mere society law. Fully ignoring the rule around Memorial Day, mine mother constantly taught me not to undertake white till Easter. This provides perfect feeling to me because that a number of reasons.

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For one, as a tiny girl, we usually obtained a brand-new dress come wear top top Easter Sunday. This to be always very springy, regularly floral and quite puffy! these were always paired v frilly, white socks and also shoes, a large bow or even a small matching purse.


Another is the the weather becomes heat here much earlier (as I write this in mid-February, ns am sit in 80+ degree heat!) If we decided to wear white as soon as it was warm, we’d be wearing that sporadically every year long! Easter is very clearly “spring” and also we’ve got the light, airy clothes to prove it.


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The last reason, however, is among spiritual symbolism. Lent is the period on the liturgical calendar leading approximately Easter. The is a solemn time the reflection, confession and even mourning as good Friday rolfes around. Easter is the joyous solemn event of Christ’s resurrection! This calls for light, color and cheer!

Last year ns was really strict v myself and also kept my white sweaters and shoes in the closet till Easter Sunday. I know that periodically I on slide a little here and there, particularly when spring have the right to be therefore warm. Because that the most part, ns think this is a really nice heritage to happen on.

Putting off wearing mine springtime things renders Easter every the an ext joyous, as if come say: Winter has truly passed, and also our faithful God has again graced us with new life!

What around You?

Do friend wear white all year ring or execute you have actually a fashion rule you adhere to?