The Canary archipelago is a Spanish autonomous ar that is positioned in the Atlantic Ocean, about 62 miles from Morocco. The archipelago has actually been well-known as the "island of dogs" since ancient times. The connection in between the islands and dogs is portrayed on the coat of arms of the Canary Islands.


The Canary archipelago is the southernmost autonomous neighborhood of Spain which rectal an area of around 2,893 sq miles. It is the many populous and also the biggest archipelago of Macaronesia. The Canary islands is created of seven huge and plenty of smaller islands. The largest and most heavily populated island in this archipelago is Tenerife spanning 2,034.38 sq km and home to 904,713 people. Tenerife is the most populous and 2nd largest Spanish island. Gran Canaria is the 2nd most heavily populated island that the Canary Islands with over 865,070 inhabitants. The second biggest island by area in the archipelago is Fuerteventura with an area of 1,660 sq km.


The archipelago’s Spanish name Islas Canarias is obtained from the Latin phrase Canariae Insulae which method the "island of dogs." King Juba II that Mauretania, an old Kingdom in the Maghreb, is assumed to have actually named the island of cool Canaria named the island Canaria because of the existence of many large dogs on the island. Eventually, the whole archipelago ended up being referred to together the Canary Islands.

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Another possible theory is that the surname was derived from the Guanches that were the original residents of the Canary Islands. The Guanches treated dog as holy animals, worshipping and mummifying them. There is believed to it is in a connection between the dog-worship the the Guanches and also Anubis, the dog-headed Egyptian god.

Volcanic task

The Canary archipelago is the only part of Spain which has actually experienced some volcanic eruptions in the modern-day period. The world’s third highest volcano and the tallest in Spain is the mount Teide. The 12,198 ft high mountain Teide is positioned in Tenerife Island. Every the islands on this Spanish archipelago except La-Gomera have recorded part volcanic tasks in the last million years.


The Spanish archipelago was inhabited by over 2,127,685 world in 2018. The Canary Islands have actually a populace density of around 740 individuals per square mile. It is the eighth most extremely populated autonomous neighborhood of Spain. The end of the 2,098,593 residents of the Canary islands in 2009, 1,799,393 were Spanish. Aside from the Spanish, the Canary archipelago has large populations of afri (51,136) plenty of of which space from Morocco, and also Colombians (34,210), Venezuelans (31,468), Cubans (11,098), and also Dominicans (10,159).

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Over 82% the the occupants were born in Spain in 2014.