Peggy McCay was a lovely daytime actress because that decades, dating ago to the 1950s. The days of Our stays star passed away in 2018, but today she’s being remembered on what would have actually been her 93rd birthday.

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Remembering Peggy McCay

While she’s mostly recognized for she Daytime Emmy-nominated function of Caroline top top DAYS, i m sorry she played from 1983 come 2016, McCay is also know because that her duty as Vanessa Dale, i beg your pardon she played from 1951-55 on the soap Love the Life (ask her grandmothers, kids).

The actress was born ~ above November 3, 1927 in Manhattan, the just child that Catherine and also Michael Joseph. She and her mother took end Michael’s construction company after his sudden death and also ran it because that a while. After ~ college, McCay studied acting through Lee Strasberg in new York and also later aided him securing his west coastline studio. McCay won an off-Broadway compensation (known together an OBIE) for Young Actress the the Year for her duty as Sonya in the Anton Chekov beat Uncle Vanya.

After leave Love of Life, McCay started earning primetime credits including roles ~ above Perry Mason, Maverick, and also on the CBS anthology series Appointment with Adventure. In 1962, McCay began in the function film Lad, A Dog. McCay play Andy Taylor’s (Andy Griffith) girlfriend indigenous the past, Sharon DeSpain in an episode of The Andy Griffith show titled class Reunion.

McCay was lured ago to soaps in 1964 together a star ~ above The Young Marrieds. Next, she had actually a operation on general Hospital together Iris Fairchild. That wasn’t her just visit to harbor Charles. Years later, she played a judge who managed Laura Webber’s (Genie Francis) probation regarded her function in the accidental death of David Hamilton (Jerry Ayres). McCay’s other credits had Barnaby Jones and she recurred as Marion Hume on the drama series Lou Grant.

McCay’s critical appearance as Caroline to be August 16, 2016. After her passing ~ above October 7, 2018, the present wrote Caroline’s fatality into the series. McCay received 5 Daytime Emmy nominations because that her duty as Caroline; three were for exceptional Lead Actress in a Drama series in 1986, 2013, and 2015; 2 were for superior Supporting Actress in a Drama collection in 1987 and 2016.

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In 1991, McCay won a Primetime Emmy in the group of outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama collection for playing Irene Hayes on The Trials that Rosie O’Neill. She was a passionate advocate for animal rights. Soap Hub join McCay’s fans, friends, and also loved people in psychic the beloved fan favorite ~ above this, the anniversary of her birth, and also always. Job of Our lives airs day of the week on NBC. Check local listings for air times.

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