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Hello! I obtained a charles daly semi auto 12 ga. Ar mod stamped KBI-KBG PA made in turkey.It demands a bolt manage (broke ideal off!) This is the an initial one i"ve gotten. I"ve checked with all the normal parts dealers, numrich,jack first,brownells,midway.No one has actually them and i was told nobody would. So i have pertained to the pro"s. Any kind of ideas? is the the exact same as any kind of other guns. Or close sufficient to do it right ( the owner stated he shed the broken piece so tiging will certainly not it is in possable)any help would it is in great! thanks......GOOFY

Goofy, look at the Remington SPR 453. I think the is the same action. The section of the handle that inserts into the bolt is oval shaped if I"m reasoning correct here.

Helix FR many thanks for the info! the daly is a round stem so us will see if this works. After ~ looking roughly i"m reading that this pistol is no very good they brake apart and in a couple of time they punch up! ns don"t know myself yet if this is true i"m thinking it might not be precious fixing. However that is the costermers choice.have you herd of any kind of problems favor this through this gun? many thanks again!.....GOOFY

Problem through C/D is that everyone had a hand in make them. Never ever heard of catastrofic failures v them yet lost components seems to it is in the norm. Remington, EAA, Bakal and Benelli all seemed to have their hands in the trousers of C/D.
I have one however the whole chrg hndl fell out or someone took it out and also lost it. You never hear the truth around them things.........figure to do one if possible as I additionally can"t uncover any.
I usage the very same shotgun. My handle broke and looked anywhere internet for one. I found a male that makes them. 75 dollars yet my pistol is working again.
IIRC, Charles Daly to be a actual person, a sportsman in the 1920"s who enabled his name to be used on guns. Due to the fact that then, the legal rights to the name have been got by a sequence of manufacturers and (mostly) importers and used on firearms ranging native very an excellent to junk. Because there never ever was a "Charles Daly" factory, components for firearms made under that name have to be obtained either indigenous the really manufacturer or the importer. In many cases, those companies are either the end of business or have long earlier stopped production of the version sold under the "Charles Daly" name. FYI, that importer, KBI (Kassnar) in Harrisburg (HBG) PA, has been out of organization for number of years.Jim

I have one but the whole chrg hndl dropped out or someone took it out and lost it. You never hear the truth around them things.........figure to do one if feasible as I also can"t uncover any.
Look in ~ the remington line. Plenty of of the bolt handle for your semi auto sg room dang close, also close enough with a little handy occupational they fit simply fine. Many times I view one v a absent bolt manage is b/c it was stolen off at save gun.

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