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Genre: Role-Playing, Third-Person 3D activity RPG Developer: Snowblind Studios Publisher: Sony computer system Entertainment America ESRB Rating: teenager Release Date: February 11, 2004

Note: you must currently be able come play at Champion level. Take your Champion level character and fight your means through Kelethin, then v the alleyway of Lesser Faydark leaving nothing however the Goblin boss guarding the dungeon past the two trees. Make sure to death the two Dire Badgers together well. Save the game. Then, start an Adventurous level game with a new character the you wish to run 41 levels. Carry out not kill anything v this brand-new character. Lug him or she to the shop, then income the Champion and also give your brand-new character the best first level items available, and also have lock sell every little thing for gold. Make sure to income a character v Stones that can offer weapons extra damage, and if friend buy a bow get one with as many open holes together possible. Administer the brand-new character through plenty the projectiles. If it is a class that cannot usage a bow, then provide him or her many mana. Fiddle the Champion, then conserve the game in an additional slot. Pack the Champion level game, then income the new character replacing the Champion. Remember to illuminate all foes v the exception of the Goblin Boss, that guards the dungeon past the 2 trees. Technique him v caution. Together you do you will check out a little semi-enclosed room off to the right. Over there is a fire burning and also a method in ~ above ether next of it. Gain the Boss" attention, then immediately flee to that very same enclosed area. You have the right to fit, yet he cannot. Indigenous there, shoot at him till he has actually been killed. Your character will go indigenous level 1 to 42, there is no suffering any type of loss come currency, and also will have all the points the or she would have received if the game was played with normally. Note: If you run out of arrows or mana, gate earlier and pick up some more. The Goblin Boss will certainly be in the very same place and also same condition.

Hit Step

Press X rapidly to develop your man hitting andstepping.

Gathering Souls

You need souls to undermine the obstacle of Hate. Inorder to do so you have to go the ar ofcauldrons or whatever. As soon as you enter the soulsare like ghosts. Guide them through The Halls ofDespair. Stay in former of them so they don"tdie, of they perform die you need to restart thismission thing. You have to do this 2 times.

When girlfriend fight the he will shoot stuff at you.Run between the rocks however don"t gain too close.Shoot that or assault him with melee. Keeprepeating this and also he will ultimately die.

This is the final boss. The god the hatred. That isreally hard. IF friend unlock the skeleton friend,you summon a skeleton, that is helpful. Stay awayfrom Inuruuk and wait till he shots fireballsat you. Climate either shoot him through arrows orspears or walk up and attack him.Note: If you attack him v a Meele weapon,every couple of times you assault rune away from him.

These guys are huge and can hit hard. Castle stompthe ground and it damages you. Go approximately one andeither selection or use magic on him. When he comesto obtain you run away and also keep law this.

When you"re in the second part of the game, inthat forest area, there"s a many of places to godown in the actual forest. If you was standing by anyof the edges that are supposed to store you fromfalling, and also you keeping running, like you wannafall off, you"ll ultimately see a clone ofyourself running on the procedures that kinda lookslike a holagram. There"s no point, it"s justfun to do.

Start a game with 2 controllers. Push Startand pick "Add/Remove Player". Select the slotfor player two at the import screen then importthe present character you room playing into theplayer two slot. Pick "Finish" and also player twowill currently be a duplicate of her originalcharacter, v the exact same armor, weapons, anditems. Sell the replicated inventory items formoney, climate repeat.

As quickly as the battle starts, operation to the side ofthe chamber that has a column that you deserve to runaround. Wait there and also kill every one of the smallerants that attack. After all the small ants aregone, attract the ant-queen around the pillar untilshe it s okay stuck. Usage magic attacks while shes inthe air, then use melee strikes once she lands.Use toxicity spells to aid you when she"s one theground.

Start a game and also get her character to a highenough level and get him a lot of stuff. Then, goto the import character screen, and also import yourown character as many times together you can. Have himdrop every his stuff, then choose up every little thing andsell it. When you"re done, delete the other you.You deserve to do this as plenty of times as you want.

Hold: L1, R2, Triangle, and also R3. Now let go. Press select to walk to inventory, look at your gold. You now have 75,000 gold and look at her stats and you space at level 20.

Hold: L1, R2, Triangle, and R3. Currently let go.Press choose to walk to inventory, look in ~ yourgold. You now have actually 75,000 gold and also look at yourstats and your level 20!

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If you gain to blackdelve reach death all the mamoth ants and go right into the ant hill and also the holes the the ants come out of the skeleton have the right to go into but sadly you you yourself can"t walk in NOTE: you should dark elf zero knight tested and also works.

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