The famed country music singer John rich was hosting a private occasion at his newly created home in the heart of Nashville. The former of his monolithic home was lit through bright lights and an unlimited red carpet welcoming the super VIP guests right into his private 5-story abode. It was the an initial time he opened his residence to others and it was many thanks to our girlfriend Scott Cleveland and his beautiful mam Stephanie that us were invited.

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On man Rich’s 3rd floor, the guest swayed come the music of Gretchen Wilson and John Rich. Us danced the night away and between the set of their legend songs, we were introduced to a couple of of Scott Cleveland and John Rich’s friends. The two who were the most amazing were Derrick Tribbett, recognized as “Sinister,” and Branden Mathena, recognized as “Chi Chi,” from the VH1 reality hit show “Daisy the Love.” prior to we left, castle invited us to their home for an exclude, interview into their personal lives.


For many, see Sinister and Chi Chi top top VH1 conjures up drunken nights of lost youth, and it is basic to see why. This two guys are spanned in tattoos and also dress favor rock stars. But is was within the wall surfaces of your pristine condo, ns learned around two gentle and also kind souls that follow their dreams and also live with direction and also purpose.

Sinister is the singer through a powerful voice and an imaginative prose. Chi Chi, is his best friend and also loyal companion. Roots and also wings, rock and roll, that’s Sinister and Chi Chi.


Sinister and I talked around all is tattoo. He common with me the he started obtaining tattoos as a an individual agreement to his goal of coming to be a singer. The said, “I knew the if i did no start getting tattoos, then i could always “fall back” on miscellaneous else, prefer a crappy office task that ns hated. But with the full-on tattoos I have now, I recognize that I will never get hired to be anything yet a performer. It was my way of sealing the promise of my future.” together kooky together it sounds, it provides a many sense. The the action of committing come something bigger than your self. And, through Sinister, that literally branded himself together a rock star. Much like, “Fake that till you do it.” Or his version, “Ink it and you’ll think it!”


Chi Chi is among the kindest gentlemen ns have ever before met. Always grateful and also courteous, we deserve to all learn some crucial lessons native Chi Chi. He has not a negative word come say around anybody and also he’s constantly smiling. Once interviewed around his time on the VHI show “Daisy the Love,” the reporter asked him a pretty rough question: “What execute you think around your reputation together a brown-noser in the house?”His answer to be profound: “I come off choose that since somebody will certainly say something an unfavorable to me, and I’m simply gonna come earlier with other positive. Since you have actually this aura, and also when you negative, bad stuff simply feeds back and forth and also it’s bad. Negativity is bad, and nothing good can come the end of it.” The Tao of Chi Chi in action. Save positive and also don’t let others’ negativity get you down.

After our chat, Sinister damaged out right into the ideal Michael Jason impression ns have ever seen, us finished the interview us sneak preview of Sinister’s recent music video. The track is not also signed by a record label yet and also it has already climbed increase the charts. Karma? Perhaps.

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They’re clear around their future. Stay BFFs, live in Nashville, or together they speak to it “NashVegas,” store performing and moving on up till they are known as rock stars, not just reality stars.