“…Why did i walk v crowds the fellow-beings through my eye turned down, and also never raise them to the blessed Star which led the Wise men to a negative abode? were there no poor homes to which the light would certainly have carried out me?”


The words come this tune were influenced by Dickens. Our household reads “A Christmas Carol” virtually every year on Christmas Eve. Us basically have actually it memorized, so we likewise tend to add lines native the assorted movies while we’re at it. Specifically the Muppets.

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The music. Five the music. This one was composed during a time as soon as I seemed to think that the harder a tune was, the better. The scores that resulted were too high, too hard to play, and also just technically negative in a lot of ways.

I’ve changed those challenging scores with new, easier, lower, much more technically-sound versions. (If you miss out on the old ones… sorry. Don’t asking me for them. I won’t placed them back. :P) The solo now has an optional obbligato as well. The SATB and Solo scores space different and also not interchangeable, despite the SATB have the right to be sung as a solo. 

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Apple Music: The Star the Bethlehem (feat. James Loynes)Apple Music: The Star of Bethlehem (Accompaniment Track)Apple Music: The Star the Bethlehem (Piano Track)

Amazon: The Star that Bethlehem (feat. James Loynes)Amazon: The Star of Bethlehem (Accompaniment Track)Amazon: The Star the Bethlehem (Piano Track)

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High above the weary world, amid the stars of sky To men of old a wondrous sign of peace and hope was provided A brighter star to be kindled there, to reign amongst the skies To note the method to Bethlehem and also everlasting light and also high over the weary world, because that eyes to view that will The star the Bethlehem will shine for those who seek Him still

High above the weary people it shone upon your road and thus the led the wise men on, to look for a poor abode and also is there currently no humble home to i beg your pardon its light might lead? No quiet need? No tears of grief? No hungering heart to feed? look high over the weary human being — for eyes to watch that will, The star the Bethlehem will shine because that those who look for Him still

High over the weary human being his star tho shines because that me that bids me look for the holy Child, adoring on bended knee it beckons me through eras past, by plenty of years undimmed the bids me offer His children now, for this reason to prayer him and also high above the weary world, for eyes to watch that will certainly The star that Bethlehem will shine for those who seek Him still.

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