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The magnificent Face

The Divine face is a cattle ranch inherited by Santiago Nasar indigenous his dad after his father’s death.

Plácida Linero House

This is where Plácida Linero and also her child Santiago Nasar live. The is a previous warehouse that was purchased and renovated by Ibrahim Nasar. Santiago is murdered at the prior door that the house.

Clotilde Armenta

Clotilde Armenta’s shop is throughout from Santiago Nasar’s house. This is wherein Pedro and also Pablo Vicarion wait to killing Santiago Nasar.


Riohacha is the huge city where the investigate magistrate is from. The Vicario brothers are sent out to Riohacha because that trial ~ they killing Santiago Nasar.

The Docks

The docks are along the waterfront in the town. This is whereby the town gathers to receive the bishop together he overcome by top top his boat.

Santiago’s dress Clothes

Santiago Nasar’s dress...

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