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We’re going to tell you.

You have the right to stop searching the Googler for: closest beaches to Nashville, due to the fact that we’re here with the answers.


This post is walking to:

Give you details around the closest coast to Nashville

Discuss the driving distance and best route to get there

Highlight road trip stops along the way

Tell you EXACTLY what to do once she there

Explain the best time the year to go


Most charming beaches on the gulf are a 7 to 9-hour journey from Nashville. The steering time for the nearest beaches come Nashville are as follows:

Pensacola and also other beaches top top 30A (like Seaside and Rosemary Beach) room 6 hour and 48 minutes away.

Destin and Gulf Shores is about 7 hours away.

Panama City Beach is about 7 hours and 15 min.

Tybee Island and Hilton Head beaches are about 7.5 hours away.

Myrtle coast is 9 hours away.

One that the finest beaches is: Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama.

From her driveway in Nashville come the emerald waters that Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, the drive time must be 7 hours.


Sunset ~ above the coast of Gulf Shores and also Orange Beach.

How to gain there?

The expedition down southern from Nashville come Gulf Shores is a straight shot on I-65 south and you acquire to happen some an excellent sights along the way.

Stop and sightsee (HERE) ~ above your means down to the beach.

1. Huntsville, AL

Tour the U.S space and Rocket Center

Visit the city’s Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment Center.

Want an education stop? try Burritt on the hill Museum (open air history museum).

2. Birmingham, AL

Don’t miss the Birmingham Civil civil liberties Institute.

Take a walk v the Birmingham Zoo.

Want an educational stop? shot McWane science Center.

3. Fairhope, AL

The kids will love Gator Alley Boardwalk.

Have having lunch on the water in ~ Shux Pier.

Stroll with the Fairhope shopping and also arts area downtown.


So, here’s my advice: pin this article therefore that when you have that hankering because that a coast getaway native Nashville, everything you need to make her plans is best here.

Continuing to Gulf Shores beach in Alabama

Wild, wild coast parties?

Nope, not here.

If you desire a party beach, Gulf Shores and also Orange Beach might not be your spot. Don’t get me wrong. Gulf Shores knows just how to have actually fun with huge festivals choose this or distinct events like this one thatthat girlfriend won"t find anywhere rather in the world!


The closest coast to me is…discover the beaches closest come Tennessee. Via

I mean, when deserve to you view bull riding ~ above THE BEACH!?

In Gulf Shores, you can.

While there"s no lack of entertainment,the Gulf Shores community is proud the the initiatives to store their beaches family-friendly. One of the methods they carry out that is to ban alcohol top top the beaches during spring break season.

Bulls top top the Beach, an annual event at the Florabama that happens just in Gulf Shores!

It’s not a an intricate beach; you won’t have to sell a kidney to vacation here.

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t exclusive spots in Gulf Shores like Perdido crucial Resort, this full-service will or these condos through grills and also jacuzzis top top every balcony!

But on the pretentiousness meter, Gulf Shores flatlines, and that’s a great thing. It’s no wonder that they were voted by USA this particular day as one of the best Southern Beaches.

It"s a well-rounded location with options for everyone.

Those stunner Nelsons enjoying a beautiful beachfront enjoy the meal at the highly-rated Voyagers in ~ the Perdido an essential Resort.

Gulf Shores -- catches the magic of your childhood coast vacations

What us love around this city is its coastal charm, through its family-owned stores and restaurants, and its regulated development. As soon as you drive follow me the sea, your see of the s is not fully blocked by a million skyscrapers, as it is in other well-known beach towns.

Schedule your beach tasks ahead of time here — Try parasailing, dolphin cruises, jet skiing and all of THESE other activities!

Schedule her beach activities before friend head down! us did this jet ski rental by booking here…and fuel to be included!

Weekend Trips indigenous Nashville is a local travel tribe held by Those crazy Nelsons. For every the finest weekend trips, affix with united state on FB!

Here room the things to carry out in Gulf Shores for every kind of getaway!

Our friends at Gulf Shores have actually recommendations because that each type of trip! for details on where to eat and what to do, click ~ above the form of getaway you planning.

Family Vacation

It"s you and the kids! What must you do as a family? The adventures are practically too numerous to list. Here"s the pointer of the iceberg here.

Girlfriend Getaway

Get away from that all through your besties!! all the fun is noted here.

Couple’s Escape

Reconnect and also discover what it"s like to be friends again. Your romantic details room here.

Guys’ Weekend

Let the bromance begin! see all the manly details here.

When is the finest time to go to Gulf Shores?

We often tend to think of the beach only during the summer months. However one that the tricks of the travel profession is recognize those "off season" trips! they are less busy, less expensive, and an ext bang for your buck.

Imagine doing every these common beach tasks for half the price -- in October!

The best thing about our gulf coastline beaches is this: summer goes WAYYYY previous August every year. Basically friend can plan for a summer and also a autumn beach getaway every year!

Lakes or beaches? Which carry out you prefer?

In Tennessee, we’re fortunate to have many options for lake fun! and we have actually quite a range of fabricated beach areas about town, choose this one. But, it’s not the same, right?

So, this is my advice: pin this article for this reason that when you have actually that hankering for a beach getaway, everything you must make your plan is ideal here.

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