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Where have the right to I find a perform of write-up WWII to the finish of production (1995) serial numbers and also Dates the Manufacture for Police Positive, Detective Specials, etc.? Thanks, Joe

Serial Number Data native and the graph below. Native 1985 and beyond you have actually to obtain "creative" and dig roughly on the internet...

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Colt Detective Special production Informationin exact same serial number variety as Police hopeful Special​

Colt Police hopeful .32 & Police confident Target(continued from brand-new Police .32 and brand-new Police Target)and Pequano design Production Information​
As snakeman mentioned, Serial Number Data native proof home is great. The 2 tables ns posted above are native which is another good source because that serial number data.
Colt automatic Pistols is devoted to collectors and also enthusiasts the military and also commercial Colt pistols, Colt revolvers, Colt firearms and also accessories.
Colt automatically Pistols is devoted to collectors and enthusiasts the military and also commercial Colt pistols, Colt revolvers, Colt firearms and accessories.
Folks, always keep in mind the these charts are just the ideal estimates and many guns may not autumn into the years shown. If you must understand when your certain gun was made then acquire an archive letter to gain the exact day of manufacture and also shipping. Cam.

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Note that Colt used different serial number varieties for the Police hopeful models and the Police confident Special models.The Police Positive had a much shorter frame and also cylinder for use v the .32 and .38 Colt-S&W cartridge, and the Police confident Special had actually a much longer frame and cylinder for the .38 Special and also .32-20.Note that Colt used different ranges because that the Police confident .32 and also Police hopeful .32 Target, the Police positive .22 Target, and also the Police hopeful .38.Depending ~ above the exact model you can find a variety of Colt small frame revolvers v the exact same serial number.
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