The Craftsman 21236 - 10" compound Miter experienced Review

The dustport in the back is inside wall up decently well, so several of the dust will certainly be thrown right into the dust bag.

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But don’t it is in surprised as soon as much more of the dust ends up in the waiting on everywhere the tool, and also the table it sets on.

To boost the dust collection, you’ll require to affix a shop vac hose on the back of the saw, in lieu the the dust bag. This will help suck up an ext dust and also reduce what provides it right into your lungs

Versatility – what this saw is make for

This craftsman miter experienced is developed for the basics – framing, deck building, trim molding, renovations, and also DIY projects. Due to the fact that it has the ability to make miter cuts, you deserve to use it for making door casings and picture frames etc.

But through the ability to also make bevel and compound cuts, friend can also use it for crown molding and also baseboard work.

And the better-than-standard cross-cutting enables for framing in a brand-new room (or a house for that matter), structure a deck, or installation hardwood floors.

Plus v the relatively low weight, you’ll be able to easily relocate it roughly for different projects, and also easily store as soon as not needed.

Overall this makes for a really handy saw that’s perfect because that DIYers and professionals. Ns would additionally suggest it for hobbyist or beginner woodworkers who need a decent witnessed on a budget.

Opinions based on Real User Experiences

Positive Reviews

Users space impressed through its low tool weight and ease of an altering out the bladeProfessionals prefer its basic functionality, low weight, and also how easy it is to maintain the sawUser find it works very well for tiny or fast projects

Negative Reviews

One user provided they had problems with the laser

Review Summary

People usually really favor their decision v purchasing this saw. It’s got couple of reviews, but they are all good. Civilization tend to buy this experienced for it’s lull of use, short cost, and also overall light weight.

Is This basic Low-cost link Miter observed Worthy?

This experienced is constructed for conventional use, however within that limitation it have the right to handle about any project you throw at it an extremely well.

It’s for proffessionals, DIYers, and also hobbyists ~ above a budget.

I choose craftsman tools, also though they might not be what they offered to be. One cool thing around them is you can always find someone that can gain you repair components or customer service in most cities.

The MFR vouch is decent – 1 year.

While this observed isn’t exactly a pioneer of brand-new design, I see that together a good thing. They’ve take away a miter saw style that has actually done them well for countless years, and also overall preserved it the same.

Onedifference is nowadays they usage lighter material, so it’s not fairly the beefy hefty tool your grandpa had.

I would certainly not strongly indicate this for anyone need to do big crown moldingand huge baseboard projects. Additionally if you’re a serious woodworker, ns would imply something with far better dust repertoire and more cutting capacity, favor the Ryobi 10″ slide miter saw.

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If you want a simple tool the is lightweight and also can take care of most residence projects, this observed is definitely worth feather into.

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