In 204th chNoahs call Apocryphos the clue to the Heart. I see it as Hoshino telling he isindeed a clue come the Heart… because that the readers of the manga.

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We understand heis obsessed v Allen yet his file info indicates that the love is anotherperson.

Theabovementioned file from Gray Log has the following info aboutApocryphos:

Interests:collecting pocket clocks and interesting phrases.

Loves: thevoice of the Heart’s accommodator.

Doesn’tlove: food, Timcampy, things which threaten the Heart’s accommodator.

Needs:existence and saving the Heart’s accommodator, glasses which he wears forappearances.


Anothercharacter that is associated with time is Miranda however that’s every in she case.

2. The lovesthe voice of the Heart’s accommodator - both Mana and also Allen sing.

Actually hecan love any kind the voice but them singing may be a more evidence.

3. The needshis glasses though his eyesight is perfect - therefore they are vital to him.Probably they repeat him of his Master. Execute we have a character that wearsglasses through such a design?

Millennium Earl.


5. RawInnocence looks like an angel without head, ideal hands etc. On the oppositeMana’s curse is drawn as a skeleton head - the part all Innocence miss.


7.Apocryphos was stalking one of two people Mana or Allen earlier in the circus and also is stalkingAllen now. Some write-ups from Hoshino’s deleted insta room a further proof he isafter Allen in the present time as he is writing things around him.

8. Heconstantly praises Allen and is concerned about his feelings in some means as wecan watch him doubting whether to death Tim and thus leave Allen alone.

9. In 236thch he claims Millennium Earl and Allen room bond by Karma and that the ME would certainly bedestroyed by the boy and also after it the Heart’s wielder would be revived. That shouldhave his points come say that.


We used toInnocence gift a only weapon. The just exception shown is Apocryphos. But theEarl has exactly the exact same feathers. Besides, he live for 7K years. He might be asentient Innocence in a human type as well. He may be the Heart. If that is theHeart what is that thing that he has actually been looking for 7K years?

Maybe an accommodator.

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Let’s assumeAllen is a perfect one. Usually Innocence just outright synchronize v theone the wants. In Apocryphos’s instance it was something more facility when bothsaw the storage of each other (we recognize Apo picked the info about Link fromKanda’s consciousness so the same most likely is applicable come Allen and Allen experienced Apo killing Cross).