I watch that the old Daisy dual Barrel BB Shotguns are usually going for $700+ on the resale market. I discover this exciting considering the reality (according to mine airgun fix guy) that they don"t really shoot that hard, or well, and may break as soon as you penis it to shoot (at least the ones through plastic stock). I personally have actually never seen or used one.
Would like to buy one, but not interested inpaying more than $700 because that an airgun the shoots atless 보다 300 fps, has plastic stock, and also is at risk to break.
My concern is, v the rebirth of replica airgun, why isn"t Daisy reintroducing it,with the modern improvements in wait gun technology? For example a shell loading double barrel coach gun (shotgun), through each covering loaded through a variety of BBs (i.e. 3-6 BBs). Perhaps wood stock.I think this would be a great seller.
Has Daisy introducedmany brand-new replica form airguns, due to the fact that the Winchester heat (1911, M14, & M4), lock introduced an ext than 5 year ago?
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i think the reason for the price of the double barrels is the they space rare and hard come find. Had actually a friend a while earlier brought one because that 7.00 at a garden sale. He wasn"t even a collector yet he uncovered out rapid what it was worth, no assist from me LOL
Dang, Steve. That"s one awesome buy for your friend. To be the total in nice shape? Shootable? simply curious.
i have a version 21 prefer new, i would favor to sell. It is fun to shoot. Yet i have actually only fired the a few times. If interested contact calcolbert
The doubles were not really popular due to the fact that they were hefty (two strength plants and barrels), hard to cock (cocking two guns at once) and also not "accurate" (each barrel shot to a different allude of aim), expensive as result of the extra barrel and also power plant.

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Bavaria55n wrote:The doubles were not an extremely popular due to the fact that they were hefty (two power plants and barrels), difficult to cock (cocking two weapons at once) and not "accurate" (each barrel shot come a different allude of aim), expensive due to the extra barrel and also power plant.
i agree that these are a novelty and also not well suited for accuracy or lull of cocking. Ns "constructed" a pair doubles through co-joining 2 105"s. The cocking is noticeably daunting by comparison to a single. The point(s) that aim space a an obstacle as well so castle are an ext FUN than GUN! Still, if I found a version 21 I"d most most likely welcome it to my home. As for Daisy comes out through a brand-new one, ns won"t think it "till I check out it. Perhaps the cocking concern would be fixed by making that a multi-pump pneumatic or probably a co2. Never say never!

As us all understand that Daisy an initial made the version 104 native 1938-1941. I have one the is certainly an example of a quality double-barrel that would be hard to tell from a genuine shotgun. Climate Daisy walk in truth come out v the model 21 from 1967-1972. I likewise have among these i m sorry again is a an excellent example of the reproduction the the version 104. Ns applaud Daisy for among their finest efforts come bring ago a good representation that the original double-barrel. In mine humble opinion, ns think they probably should have used wood stocks and also forearms ~ above all your 21"s. In addition, I also think castle should have actually blued the barrels. Daisy produced approx. 45,000 version 104s and also 71,000 version 21s. Again, in mine opinion, there are enough of these double-barrels for anyone that really wants one, to acquisition one. I will but stipulate that certainly one will have to pay up for the satisfaction of having actually one in your collection.

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Both models are indeed heavy and hard come cock. Moreover, they are not the most accurate gun because that shooting. They to be obviously not well suited for young guys due to aforementioned reasons. Nevertheless, they are beautiful guns and certainly a an excellent addition to anyone"s collection.