Clinton Kelly is best-known for his job-related on TLC"s What no to Wear alongside the fabulous Stacy London. We know just how amazing Clinton is, yet what about his handsome husband Damon? 

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Clinton Kelly was a co-host on the very popular TLC show, What not to Wear through Stacy London indigenous 2003 till 2013. That has an ext recently to be on the ABC truth TV present The Chew because that which he winner an Emmy award in 2015. Kelly has actually been openly happy for the term of his career, for this reason let"s accomplish his exorbitant husband!

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This is Clinton Kelly"s husband Damon 

Clinton Kelly married Damon Bayles in 2009. They got married in ~ their residence in Connecticut and they have actually an lover rescue dog named Mary who they often function in your social media posts. Damon is a psychologist and also the pair have been happily married for ten years now!

WARNING: lengthy (but awesome and important) post. Virtually 11 years earlier Damon and also I embraced Mary from NY pet Rescue, and also for their skilled matchmaking we are eternally grateful. (She"s past insane but we"re smitten.) So, every holiday season ns team up through Pet Rescue because that a fundraiser to help save an ext dogs and cats from really terrible situations and place lock into families that will love them forever. Please donate if you can. There"s something in it because that you ... Once you donate ... As much as $39 friend will obtain love and also heartfelt many thanks from me and also everyone at NY pet Rescue! $40 - $99 I"ll send friend a handwritten give thanks to you map from Mary and me. (Be forewarned: her handwriting is terrible.) $100 - $999 You"ll obtain the above, plus a surprised gift indigenous me and Mary. (Not sure what the is yet. Ideas welcome!) $1,000 - $2,499 The Clinton Kelly silver- Package! fulfill me in NYC because that Happy Hour and we have the right to gab around whatever friend want. The an ext I drink the much more tell. It"s my treat because that 1 person—and girlfriend can lug up come 2 booze-loving friends. (Approximately 1 hour.) $2,500 - $4,999 The Clinton Kelly gold Package! have dinner v me in NYC. Ns promise ns won"t judge her table manners and also I"ll pick somewhere lovely. It"ll be my treat because that 1 person, but you can lug up to 2 friends if you need emotional support. (Approximately 2 hours.) $5,000+ Clinton Kelly Platinum Package! A head-to-toe makeover consisting of hair, makeup, one complete fabulous outfit (up come $1,000 value) that is yours come keep, to add a picture shoot in NYC. Ns mean, come on! saving dogs and also the Clinton Kelly treatment? It"s favor being assumed right into Heaven itself! (You provide your very own transportation.) #GivingTuesday #adoptdontshop #rescuedog #makeadifference #dogsofinstagram

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Damon Bayles is a psychologist!

Not much an ext is known around the 50-year-old television personality"s husband apart from the reality that that is very handsome, as can be watched in Clinton"s society media posts! Damon Bayles has actually no society media himself. 

favor if you choose a hike. (That"s mary in the bottom right, refusing to look at the camera. Diva.) #macricostaspreserve #connecticut #jackrussellterrier #cousins #hiking