Damon Wimbley aka Kool rock Ski indigenous ‘The Fat Boys’ underwent unbelievable load loss over the years. Find out his diet plan in addition to before and after pictures.

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Born in November 1966, Damon Wimbley is most remembered for being a member that the i know good hop team The Fat Boys, where he was famed as Kool rock Ski.

The Fat Boys to be officially developed in 1982 and split increase in 1991 prior to reconciling in 2008. Their self-titled debut studio album fight the shops in 1984 and was gold certified, getting to #6 top top the us R&B/Hip-Hop chart and #48 top top the Billboard 200 chart.


The Fat Boys took pleasure in fame and also stardom v their albums The Fat Boys space Back in 1985 and also Big & Beautiful in 1986. Your album titled Crushin’ climbed come #4 top top the us R&B/Hip-Hop graph in 1987 and also #8 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The band also launched the albums Coming ago Hard Again in 1988, On and On in 1989, and Mack Daddy in 1991. Wimbley was likewise an actor, special in movies like Knights that the City (1986), Disorderlies (1987), and also My Crackhead Uncle (2011).



Damon Wimbley’s load Loss – How plenty of Pounds walk Kool absent Ski Lose?


Damon Wimbley aka Kool rock Ski before and also after weight loss.Image Source: weight & Skin

With a linked weight of 750 lbs, The Fat Boys made the look cool to it is in overweight, and also their physique didn’t prevent them native touring and also making fight albums. But fans frequently wonder how they regulated to undergo together an unbelievable load loss later on in your life.


Comprised of Prince Markie Dee, Buff the person Beatbox, and also Kool Rock, the original icons of hip-hop have acquired legendary pop-culture fame because of their effective anthems and notable performances in movie such together Disorderlies and Krush Groove.

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Speaking with Vibe in 2010, Damon Wimbley aka Kool rock Ski opened up up about his physics appearance, the demands of the industry, and whether there was any kind of pressure for weight get or weight loss in your careers.


Damon said,

Our manager at the time would in reality tell united state that us were putting on too lot weight. We couldn’t really see it since we’re on the tourism bus and also we’re going from city come city and also the present ends 12 at night, you nothing get earlier to the hotel until choose two in the morning and the just thing open up is places like McDonald’s and also Burger King⎯that’s what us were gonna eat. So we’re eating points like big Macs and also Chicken McNuggets in ~ like, three or 4 in the morning.

The musician added,

So of food we’re gonna gain weight. He would tell united state to calm under on the weight gaining. Yet it to be so much stuff happening and so numerous things walking on in ~ the same time that us didn’t view ourselves as being fat. We simply saw ourselves together rap stars that were performing and also having fun. I watch a lot of stuff top top YouTube that says, “These men weren’t really fat their clothes were simply so tight.” 

As because that the motivation to undergo load loss, the rapper revealed it came as soon as he reached roughly 330 lbs and discovered in ~ the age of 19/20 the he couldn’t tie his shoes without breathing greatly or looking prefer he to be doing a marathon. So he told self he need to make a deliberate initiative to walk on a diet.


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Kool absent Ski more opened up,

When I observed that the weight began shedding, I determined to keep it off. Ns went earlier up to 240 and I never looked earlier from there. I stated I’m never gonna go earlier to the way I to be before.

The 54-year-old simply went to the gym and also began eating the best stuff. He began to realize the you gotta take care of your body and also it was far from easy. He to be 167 lbs at the time, but he claimed it’s not simple to save it off.


Damon Wimbley trust the process of weight loss and also maintaining a details standard that the physique is tough, however you can achieve your objectives with the best commitment.

Prince Markie Dee that ‘The Fat Boys’ Passed far at 52

Forever in mine Heart. Prince Markie Dee was an ext than a rapper; that was among my very best and also closest friends. My heart breaks today because I lost a brother. I’ll always love girlfriend Mark and I’ll cherish whatever you taught me. Tomorrow is her birthday, swing mine way huge bro. Pic.twitter.com/XcIsHixOoc

— louis “Uncle Louie” Gregory (
UncleLouie) February 18, 2021

Prince Markie Dee, one of the members of the groundbreaking hip-hop tape The Fat Boyspassed away on 18th February, the group’s manager Louis Gregory stated. He was 52 year old. No cause of death was revealed.


Gregory wrote on Twitter:

Forever in my Heart. Prince Markie Dee was more than a rapper; the was among my very best and also closest friends.

He added,

My heart division today since I lost a brother. I’ll always love girlfriend Mark and I’ll cherish whatever you taught me. Tomorrow is her birthday, swing my way big bro.

Markie Dee teamed up through Darren Robinson (Human Beatbox) and Damon Wimbley (Kool rock Ski) and worked under the banner of Disco 3 before transforming into The Fat Boys.


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The tape initiated your career in 1983 once they declared victory in a talent dispute at Radio City Music Hall, and by the finish of the ’80s, they had actually transformed right into one of rap’s very first pop culture pioneers v the introduction of your platinum-selling 4th album, Crushin’, and their breakthrough comedy movie, Disorderlies, in the summer of 1987.

The trio aided popularize beatboxing and their silly feeling of humor and charismatic attitude made them the crucial to bringing rap music come the forefront.


Fat Joe created on Instagram,

I would be walking and all of a suddenly I would certainly hear music ricochet off the walls, it would certainly go ‘huh huh huh ha what Hu Hu ha Fat Fat Fat boys , Fat Fat Fat boys,’ this was the an initial song they would play in ~ the block party come summon you come appear.

He continued,

Today’s news is sad the critical member the the Fat Boys’ Prince Markie D morales has actually passed top top he to be a an excellent guy a Legend and pioneer God bless my fellow Boriqua brother till we fulfill again.

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Markie Dee may be no more, but he will never be forgotten because that his contribution come rap music alongside Darren Robinson (The human being Beat Box) and also Damon Wimbley (Kool rock Ski).


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