A zombie apocalypse is unstable on anyone, however it specifically plagues the psyche of one innocent tiny girl. Chuck Greene needs to take his daughter Katey’s mind off the outbreak somehow; what much better than a cavalcade of extravagant gifts? that not completely without self-serving gain however, together delivering gifts to Katey earns chuck PP rewards the 10,000 point out or greater. Even better, securing all 11 Dead climbing 2 gifts for Katey unlocks the father Of The Year achievement. Happiness City is a huge place; luckily our guide is here to present you where and also when every the presents are obtainable.

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Dead climbing 2: presents for Katey List

Robot BearLocation: royal Flush Plaza 1st Floor - Astonishing IllusionsDescription: an animinatronic bear that is discovered in a store right across from the safe house. The is a very huge item the cannot be hosted in Chuck’s inventory, for this reason you’ll have to hike this item ago to Katey while holding it.Bag that MarblesLocation: royal Flush Plaza first Floor - Ye Olde ToyboxDescription: Ye Olde Toybox is a toy store found near the enntrance gate to Slot Ranch Casino. The Bag that Marbles is uncovered on the counter there, and is little enough to be lugged in Chuck’s inventory.Beach BallLocation: imperial Flush Plaza 1st Floor - Ye Olde ToyboxDescription: The ball deserve to be found right alongside the counter where you discovered the Bag of Marbles. That is also small enough to it is in stowed.Stick PonyLocation: imperial Flush Plaza first Floor - Ye Olde ToyboxDescription: A display screen of pole Ponies is found versus the wall surface opposite the counter. This items is likewise able come be brought in Chuck’s inventory, for this reason all 3 gifts discovered in Ye Olde Toybox can be yielded to Katey in one trip.Giant Stuffed ElephantLocation: imperial Flush Plaza 1st Floor - Stylin" ToddlersDescription: This elephant is too large to be stowed and must it is in held.Giant Stuffed DonkeyLocation: imperial Flush Plaza second Floor - little Fry DudsDescription: The donkey is too large to be lugged in Chuck’s inventory.Giant Stuffed BullLocation: imperial Flush Plaza 2nd Floor - children’s CastleDescription: rest the home window in former of the shop to gain to the bull. The large Stuffed Bull is too huge to it is in stowed away.Water GunLocation: Platinum piece - Moe’s MaginationsDescription: This pistol is little enough to be stowed, so i recommend nabbing this and the large Stuffed hare in the very same trip.Giant Stuffed RabbitLocation: Platinum strip - Moe’s MaginationsDescription: need to be carried back to the safe house.

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Funny PaintingLocation: Palisades mall - The Cleroux CollectionDescription: only obtainable throughout the “Art Appreciation” case that occurs during Day 3, around 11 a.m. In-game time. A distraught painter will desire you to buy it from him because that $3,000.SnowflakeLocation: Yucatan CasinoDescription: during Day 1, head come Yucatan Casino to encounter the psychopath Ted. When Ted is defeated, his pet tiger called Snowflake can be tamed by feeding it 3 steaks. ~ taming Snowflake, command the tiger earlier to the for sure house. Once there, research Snowflake to provide it to Katey.Congratulations on collecting every Dead climbing 2 gifts and earning the dad Of The Year achievement!