How do you delete a save file on Pokemon heart Silver?

Press and simultaneously organize “Up,” “B” and “Select.” choose “Yes.” Your saved data will be permanently erased.

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How do you delete a save paper on Pokemon?

As the intro movie is playing, you should input a particular button sequence. Push the X and also B button, as well as the Up switch on the d-pad, every at once. Once you do this, the video game will questioning if you wish to delete your conserve file, because it’s at sight permanent. Pick Yes, and also it’ll it is in wiped.

How come delete conserved data in Pokemon soul silver?

Pokemon Silver heart completed. How do girlfriend delete saved data so that you can complete the game with a different pokemnon that easy, when you struggle the screen with lugia swimming at the bottom that the sea push l, selec, b and up. What perform I execute if the screen says (the save record is corrupted. The ahead save document willbe loaded.

How perform I Delete mine saved document in Pokemon Black?

Log In to add custom note to this or any type of other game. Exactly how do i delete my conserved file? i would choose to restart the game, but I am no sure just how to delete mine old save file. Exactly how do i execute it? on the title screen, press Up, Select and also B together.

How come delete save files in Pokemon X and also Y?

This method applies for Pokémon X and also Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby and also Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon Sun and Moon, Pokémon Ultra Sun and also Ultra Moon. Come delete Pokemon save, open your game, upon reaching the title screen press “ up + choose + B “. A confirmation message will appear and also prompt you continue deleting save file.

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How deserve to I delete in-game conserve in Pokemon platinum?

If friend move, delete or rename this file, the video game save need to disappear. If friend didn’t load a save state, you would be top top the platinum loading screen, yes? If you want to delete the to start a new file, just press new game and use the game’s developed in save function to overwrite your current one.

How to delete saved video game in Pokemon heart silver?

Its easy, when you struggle the display with lugia swim at the bottom the the sea press l, selec, b and up. What perform I do if the display says (the save file is corrupted. The vault save record willbe loaded. Once you space at the main display screen (not the menu screen) press Up, Select, B. You have to press ‘up’, ‘select’, and ‘B’.

What go it median to delete Pokemon conserve file?

Deleting Pokemon conserve is choose restarting or resetting a Pokemon game to begin over, and this have the right to be excellent in various ways relying on the game console used. At any time you decision to pat a brand-new Pokemon game, deleting the save file and totally removing the previous progress is a must.

Is over there a method to restart Pokemon SoulSilver?

Well, youre fifty percent right, it was select, no start. At the push start display screen (where Lugia/Ho-oh is flying across the screen) and also press B+start+L. It will ask you come delete the conserve data, confirm and also you will be able to save.

How do you conserve Lugia in Pokemon SoulSilver?

At the push start screen (where Lugia/Ho-oh is flying throughout the screen) and also press B+start+L. It will ask you to delete the conserve data, confirm and also you will be able to save. You’re looking GameFAQs Q&A as a guest.


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