This Dell Latitude D610 HDD Caddy switches your laptop dvd-drive for an extra HDD or SSD. Through the extra only in your notebook you have the right to install a SATA hard drive or SSD for more storage space. Your laptop stays mobile thanks to the built-in feature of HDD Caddy. If using exterior USB tough drives provides your notebook less portable. The tough drive caddy support 2.5 customs SATA hard drives or SSD. It additionally supports all maximum SATA speeds.

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Do you want to have an ext storage an are in her laptop however not the hassle of using external USB tough drives? climate HDD Caddy is your partner come go. This HDD Caddy because that the Dell Latitude D610 replaces the dvd drive from your notebook so you deserve to place an extra tough drive or SSD (Solid State Drive) inside her laptop. Installing is easy and a brand-new added drive should work like plug and also play, no software program driver environment is required.

Workings of HDD Caddy

Remove the optical journey inside your laptop and also you will watch that the HDD Caddy has actually the same design. The HDD Caddy can slip into the optical bay. It has the same 13-pins SATA connector together your optical drive. While your optical drive can read discs, our HDD Caddy deserve to read/write tough drives or SSD’s. Rather of cd, dvd’s or blu ray your laptop, equipped through this warehouse solution, have the right to now have actually an extra hard drive or SSD! This makes HDD Caddy a great fix if you want to store your laptop mobile and also you do not desire to carry external USB tough drives or sticks anymore. HDD Caddy supports 2.5 inch hard drives or SSD (depending on your laptop) v a conventional 22-pin SATA connector. MSATA or M2. NGFF SATA SSD can also be installed by making use of a 22-pins SATA converter adapter. It completely supports all SATA1, SATA3 and SATA3 carry speeds! that is also feasible to boots from the an additional hard drive in the HDD Caddy. This allows you to easily have a multi-OS boots on your laptop. Read much more about what HDD Caddy is.

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HDD Caddy features

It is largely made of aluminium for heat dispensation and come minimize any extra weight.Built-in lock screws to easily install and also secure the hard drive.Fast and also reliable SATA connection.Installing is easy, no software driver surroundings is required.Has an to update SATA connector: which consists of a fix for feasible Asus shutdown difficulty with 2nd HDD or SSD.1 year warranty


Fits 2.5 customs laptop size difficult drives or SSD.Supports SATA I, II, III (max. 6gbps), this also depends on your laptop SATA rate capability.Including handy screwing device for installation.Package contains 1x HDD Caddy.