Whether you desire to view the sights that the Mormon funding or just want to drive v some impressive scenery across Colorado and also Utah, a driving native Denver come Salt Lake City is an epos adventure.

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The 525-mile road trip from Denver come Salt Lake City will take about 8 hours of driving follow me the scenic I-70 course passing snow-capped mountains, lush forests and also arid deserts. There are endless options to protect against en route to rest up the drive.

Read on to find the best places come stop, exceptional sights to see along the method and advice on the ideal hotels to invest the night.

How far is Salt Lake City from Denver and also how long will the road pilgrimage take?

There is relatively little distinction in terms of time or distance you"ll have to cover nevertheless of i beg your pardon of the 3 different routes you take because that the road expedition from Denver come Salt Lake City.

The fastest path via the I-80 through Wyoming will barely save you 15 minutes end the scenic drive over the Rockies along the I-70 so uneven you really perform not care about the views and your single objective is to get there as quick as possible, you"ll desire to monitor the I-70.

If you desire to come back via a different road, US-40 is a great alternative and passes with some amazing locations so you have the right to enjoy the road back as lot as the drive as much as Salt lake City.

RouteDistanceDriving Time
Fastest route (via I-80)520 miles7 hrs 45 minutes
Shortest course (via US-40)490 miles8 hrs 30 minutes
Scenic course (via I-70)525 miles8 hours

Best road expedition route native Denver to Salt Lake City

The ideal road expedition route indigenous Denver come Salt Lake City is the scenic drive along the I-70 over the Rocky Mountains prior to US-191 and also US-6 north.

This route has actually stunning see the entire way and has actually amazing locations to check out on the method which is perfect if you desire to take her time and spend time in nature and on the road.

The Scenic course from Denver come Salt Lake City

The best route native Denver come Salt Lake City is to monitor the I-70 west out of Denver. Monitor the highway as it climbs the Rockies and enjoy the sights. Aparaho and Roosevelt National woodland will be to your ideal as you technique the well known Vail resort and also the White river National forest will open up right after.

Just before you get to Glenwood Springs renowned for its warm naturally fed feather pools, you"ll happen the nice Hanging Lake come your appropriate (a reasonably easy hike).

From there, the I-70 descends down to the vineyards the Palisade, passes with Grand Junction and also into Utah. Keep following the road until you cross eco-friendly River in ~ which suggest US-191 come your appropriate will take it you north.

Soon ~ passing Helper, take it US-6 in ~ the intersection i m sorry will eventually join into the I-15 which will take you all the way to Salt Lake City.

If you prefer wine, friend must examine out the (rather good) vineyards in Palisade, Colorado.
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Best time to go on a road expedition from Denver to Salt Lake City

You have the right to take the road expedition from Denver come Salt Lake City transparent the year. Both Denver and also Salt Lake have actually hot and also cold periods so make sure you are adequately prepared, however even in the height of winter, the I-70 end the Rockies often tends to be clear and easily drivable.

If you do arrangement on going in the winter, examine ahead of her journey as hefty snowfall can cause closures indigenous time come time and also some roadways are permanently closed through the winter (e.g. The fastest course to Aspen). You"ll also need snow tires together a minimum and also although not compulsory, eye chains space a very great idea.

For the bulk of the route, summer and also fall are great seasons to travel - the weather is perfect, hiking routes are amazing and the assorted streams and also rivers are not running as complete as in spring.

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If you"re plan on stopping over in Moab and exploring Arches and Canyonlands nationwide Parks, try to prevent the top of the summer - daily highs mean 97° F (36° C). That"s not fairly as hot as locations like the fatality Valley or various other parts that the Mojave, yet it deserve to still feeling uncomfortably hot hiking.